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On Kate's personal website, you'll find endless inspiration on your holistic lifestyle journey. For a start, there's the Recipes: Kate takes raw cuisine to the next level, using an abundance of super foods, fermented foods, and ingredients like sea vegetables, to make dishes that will blow your mind, as nutritious as they are delicious. Then there's her Writing, always a refreshingly uplifting and thought-provoking take on the world. You've also got Interviews, with leading experts such as Alissa Cohen, Annie Jubb, GT Dave, Brian Clement and Gabriel Cousens. And lastly, for more detailed info on the courses and coaching Kate offers, go to the Events section. 

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Upcoming Events

Kate has been traveling the world, sharing the magic of raw foods, for over twenty years. As well as private coaching, yoga classes, QHHT and Reiki sessions, Kate teaches courses and classes and holds retreats in London, Bali, and beyond.

About Kate Magic

Much loved the world over for her unique blend of down to earth holistic lifestyle advice and spiritual wisdom, Kate has been a raw vegan for over thirty years. Through her books, videos, talks, courses and retreats, she has inspired many thousands of people on their raw food journey, empowering them to create magic in their own lives.

Founder of Raw Living, mother to three young men, DJ, Yoga Teacher, Chef and Light Beam, take time to explore Kate's world and feel the magic enter your soul and transform your being!

What You Say About Kate

“I just did a five day course and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. So much information, it was the most life-affirming, inspirational, validating, clarifying life experience!"

- Kathryn

“I have all your books, and I love the recipes but there is so much more to you than that. You are clearly a deep thinker with so much heart and compassion. Just so you know, you are so valuable to so many of us. You’ve always inspired me.”

- Heather

"I can wholeheartedly recommend her wonderful teaching – entertaining and enlightening, highly informative and for some, pretty mind-blowing, Kate’s knowledge is truly remarkable."

- Lucy