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Book Bundle - Actually Magic & Empowered Woman (Print)


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Book bundle! Buy Kate's acclaimed books, Actually Magic and Empowered Woman together, and save 10%. Makes a lovely gift for the awakening soul in your life.

Reviews for Actually Magic

"Actually Magic is an absolute gem and one of the most authentic books I have ever read. My heart was bursting with joy and healing flow of emotions as the words activated and anchored me back into the moment of now to simply be with my Divine Nature. I am in deep gratitude that this booked is birthed into the New Earth. Thank you Kate." Lisa Chan

"This is, as far as I know, the most comprehensive guide for navigating the 21st Century and I believe going to be a truly valuable resource for so many people not just now but it the future, there is so much in here that is going to an inspiration for people for years to come. This is not a book to be read and then put back on a shelf but one that is to be read often and once fully read dipped back into as often as possible." Tracey Sharpe

"This book was so inspiring and uplifting to read. It left me feeling hopeful and excited for the future. Kate has given a manual that can provide us with content that will help us live a more peaceful, fulfilling life where we can live the life of our dreams. This book has the potential to guide people into a new way of living and being that can transform the world." Emma Jones Phillips

"I feel like this book speaks directly to my soul. I've read and listened to so many others speak on these subjects, but its so analytical, they make it more complicated than it actually is! This is such a beautifully easy read, from the soul and not the mind." Andriele de Silva

"Magnificent! Kate is a metaphysical oracle. One of the best books I have ever read." Terry

Reviews for Empowered Woman

"I really enjoyed Kate's personal approach in this book - it felt like having a friendly chat with a well informed friend. That approach helped me absorb the information and make it relevant to me and my life. And it's not too long - a definite bonus for slow readers like me! I really value Kate's knowledge and experience - I find books that are just info too heavy to digest, whereas this was like a deliciously balance, tasty meal - it sat well with me!" Rose

"I bought this book a couple of weeks ago. I love it. Great chapter on the menopause which, helps you view this in a more positive light. Also, hormones and helping you understand why you feel the way you do. Superb chapter on lifestyle and diet. If I feel negative one day, I simply re-read some relevant chapters from Kate’s book and it helps get things into perspective. I thoroughly recommend this book for all women." Hannah B



Click here to play an introduction to the book by Kate, taken from the Online Retreat and recorded on Jan 7th 2022. 

Kate discusses:

  • Why she wrote the book in 2021
  • The politics of health
  • Basic metaphysics being, we don’t focus on what we don’t want
  • Looking at things in a multi-dimensional way
  • Three basic laws of metaphysics
  • Understanding life from the quantum perspective
  • We are free will beings in a free will universe

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