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EU Customers Please Read

This information applies to customers who are within the European Union only. Customers outside the EU (including UK customers) are unaffected by Brexit and may continue ordering as before.

Legislation changes all the time, and we will endeavour to keep you updated with changes as and when they occur. These are the new regulations in place since Jan 1st 2021, that will affect you as an EU customer:

1. Duties are payable only on orders over a 150euro value. At the time of writing, that's £129. That doesnt include shipping costs, they can be added on top. So please keep your order under 150euro. If you want to order more than that at one time, please split your order into several smaller orders that remain under the 150euro threshold.

2. VAT is now not payable to us in the UK. This means the products that you order that attract VAT will appear for 20% less at the checkout. This is done automatically for you by software that recognises where the delivery address is and removes VAT for you. However, what this also means is that you are now supposed to pay the appropriate VAT rate in your own country on receipt. When your parcel is out for delivery, your delivery agent may contact you to collect the VAT and also a processing fee. You will not be charged duties.In effect, the end price you pay should be about the same, maybe a little more (possibly even a little less!). We welcome your feedback on how this process works for you as it will vary a lot from country to country.

3. Feedback from customers tell us parcels are taking a lot longer to get through. Whereas previously, we prided ourselves on our speedy 2-3 day delivery service to Europe, now it seems parcels are taking more like 1-2 weeks, due to excessive bureaucracy at the borders. We hope that this will adjust with time. We still always aim to get your order out within 1 working day of receiving it. But please allow longer for transit times.

4. If for whatever reason, you decide you do not want to pay the fees on receipt, the parcel will be returned to us. In that case, we will refund you for the cost of the goods only, not the shipping costs, and less any return fees that have been charged to us.

5. Honey counts as a product of animal origin and so is treated differently by most EU countries. We are not shipping honey standardly, but if you would like to order some please contact us and we can find out what the regulations are for your country. Other bee products eg pollen, bee bread, propolis, are also affected: please check before ordering.

We are doing our best to simplify what is a complicated and confusing situation. We would love to continue serving all our wonderful European customers, and welcome your feedback on how the delivery process is for you, and if there is anything more that is within our capabilites to do to make it smoother.