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Made In Hackney - Charity Partner

Made In Hackney's mission is to tackle health inequalities and food access, and bring communities together using the power of plants. They work across cultures and communities to ensure everyone can adopt a climate friendly, health-supporting, compassionate diet, and they do it all with joy and respect. 

Originally setting out to provide critical food education, giving people the skills to grow, cook and eat more plants, when the government restrictions of 2020 were brought in, and they found themselves unable to offer their usual classes, they pivoted to providing thousands of emergency plant-based meals for households across Hackney in need of food support. 

Today their in-house team of chefs and volunteers prepare over 1200 meals a week with input from the community meal service family on what dishes they’d like to see on the menu each week. The service is more than a meal. It’s care, it’s connection, it’s community.

Learning to cook and eat more plants is one of the most impactful things you can do for the health of people and the planet. Their joyful, culturally diverse cookery classes support people to evolve to a plant-centred, planet friendly diet in an inclusive and enjoyable way with delicious, nutritious food at the centre of all we do. 

Having the confidence and skills to cook meals from scratch is a vital tool in tackling food poverty, child-hood obesity and lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular disease. Their classes are available both in-person and online and they work with a range of community groups from young carers and young people in care, families, pensioners, people with long-term health challenges, hostel residents, people in recovery and other community groups. 

We support Made In Hackney with regular donations of super foods like Goji Berries, Shelled Hemp Seeds and Cacao Powder, so their community can receive the benefits of these wonderful foods. Kate also supports them with fundraising intiatives like this Fun Run, helping in the community kitchen, and this upcoming Raw Food Masterclasson June 24th.Kate grew up in a single-parent household in Hackney, at a time before it was in any way gentrified and it was an entirely deprived area, so this is another reason why this charity is close to her heart.

You too can get involved by supporting them with a donation next time you shop with us. Just £3 buys an organic plant-based meal for someone in need. 

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