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Baobab Fruit Powder - Organic (100g, 250g, 1kg, 10kg)


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Our Baobab Fruit Powder is fair trade and sustainable, from organically certified growers.

Living for a thousand years or more, baobabs dominate parts of the African landscape with their root-like branches and massive trunks that can reach 25 metres or more in circumference.

Baobab not only offers a unique taste of Africa, it can also provide life-changing income to millions of poor rural people in Southern Africa.

By harvesting baobab, which is abundant in Southern Africa, these people can substantially increase their income at no cost to themselves. This helps them pay for family healthcare and their children’s education as well as household necessities.

Kate says, "Baobab is an irreplacable ingredient in my kitchen. It elevates the flavour of whatever you add it to. A spoonful often finds its way into dips, dressings, cracker and bread recipes, and desserts. Even though I use it a lot, a bag seems to last a very long time."


Organic Adansonia Digitata

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How To Use

Baobab works in just about every recipe you try! As a natural flavour enhancer, it works equally in sweet or savoury dishes. It also makes a good thickener. Some of our favourite uses are: in chia, in a plant milk, in salad dressings.