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Actually Magic Class and Healing Session - July 5th, 7.30pm (Online)


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New monthly offering from Kate Magic.

Energy transmission, guided meditation, distance healing and sharing circle.

The July class will go into the energies of the Solstice gateway. The Equinoxes and Solstices are powerful portals for transformation, each one providing an opportunity to receive the upgrades and accelerated light frequencies coming to earth at this time.

Based around the themes of her newest book, Actually Magic, these classes will look at the current energetic themes from a metaphysical perspective. Topics include:

  • Understanding your personal individual ascension process
  • Observing triggers and engaging with your shadow
  • Standing in sovereignty and setting clear boundaries
  • Examining the divine feminine and divine masculine energies at play
  • Cultivating and nurturing your relationship with your guides and your angels
  • Living in abundance
  • Creating the new earth paradigm

The class will include a guided meditation and reiki distance healing, followed by a space for discussion.

This class is for everyone who is committed to their ascension journey and would welcome a space to share how that shows up in their lives.

Join live or receive the audio recording the next day.

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Love, magic, passion, dedication, intelligence, integrity, authenticity, power, strength, knowledge, wisdom.

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7.20 Zoom doors open
7.30 Energy report - Kate will discuss the energetic themes of the moment, with tools and strategies for empowering yourself through the shifting timelines.
8.0 Guided meditation
8.15 Reiki distance healing
8.30 Opportunity to share with the group and reflect on the themes and how they resonate for you
9.30 Close

About the Workshop:

The themes will be drawn from Kate's latest book, Actually Magic, a 21st century guide to metaphysics. It is not essential that you have already read the book, but it would be helpful. Topics to be covered will include:

  • The Ascension process in 2022
  • Working with divine feminine and divine masculine energies
  • Manifestation and abundance codes
  • Self-love, shadow work, and having defined boundaries
  • Understanding the soul's journey beyond this current lifetime
  • Birthing new earth
  • Cultivating your relationship with your guides and angels


“Saturday’s workshop was amazing, I knew of course it was going to be good, but here I am a few days later and am still feeling blown away by the experience. I was actually feeling really anxious and nervous before the workshop started, all the usual things of how many people will be there? Will I fit in? etc etc….the usual things . Within moments of arriving, Kate greeted me and I felt calmer just by being in her presence. The day was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had for such a long time, the group were wonderful, and Kate was the shining light, giving us some real life-changing tools that I am now using everyday. The day was a total reset and shifted so much for me. I am now feeling much clearer on making simple but really deep changes in my life. I feel totally humbled and grateful to have been part of the group that day.” Tracy Sharpe

"Awesome full on day yesterday with a beautiful bunch of amazing women. I love hanging out with women, sharing our inner thoughts and supporting eachother. Thank you Kate." Asa Simonsson

"It was such a special day. It grounded me and brought me back to myself." Lauren Mahon

How To Use

The audio recording will be sent out to everyone who signs up. It will be stored in the cloud and available for 28 days. It is not downloadable.

As the calls are recorded there are no cancellations or refunds.