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Eat Smart, Eat Raw by Kate Magic


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The original raw food recipe book! First published in 2002, and never out of print, this is the book that started the trend in the UK.

This is the revised and updated edition from 2013, in full colour.

Eat Smart, Eat Raw was published in four countries, France, the USA, and Australia, as well as the UK.

"The recipes in this book are simply wonderful, and are easy enough to prepare. What's particularly nice about them is that generally once you've made one of the recipes once, it's easy enough to remember that you can easily experiment with your own variations the next time you make it.

There are a range of different raw recipes in here; from breakfasts to dips, nut butters and sauces, through salads and main courses, to recipes for cakes, ice creams, smoothies and sweets. There is a small section in the back containing cooked-but-healthy recipes (including a healthy alternative to chips) to help people with the transition as well. There is a wonderful recipe in here for raw pizza!

Kate talks openly about her own experiences on the road to becoming 100% raw in a down-to-earth and unpatronising manner in the introductory pages. She also provides advice on growing your own sprouts and suggests equipment, giving suggestions of suppliers along the way.

All of the recipes are made up of ingredients you can easily find in the UK, again with suggestions on how to get hold of the more esoteric ingredients.

Fantastic little book for anyone considering increasing their intake of living foods - a real inspiration!"

Carrie van der Zee, Nottingham


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