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Be the Change Raw Chocolate Bar with Reishi and Klamath Lake Algae (50g)


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50g silky smooth high potency chocolate bars containing two of the most super foods on the planet, Reishi and Klamath Lake algae.

Winner of a 2023 Great Taste Award! The judges said, "A reasonably thick bar with good sized pieces and a lovely rich cocoa aroma which is promising. An acidic start, not too sweet and it melts nicely onto the palate where it becomes fruitier and allows its character to come through more. We felt that this has been skillfully crafted, with care and creativity. The bar has a good snap and the layers of flavour add up to something that is unusual and distinctly tasty."

Our chocolate bars are produced by hand, in a process which takes a couple of days to ensure a superior quality bar. All our bars are crammed with super foods! Not just a token nod, we believe adding super foods to our chocolate is an important part of creating a high vibe treat that delivers optimum joy.

Our original and best-selling chocolate bar in a 50g bar with 5 breakable chunks. In production since 2006!

This is a smooth silky bar, with earthy undertones from the mushroom extracts and micro-algaes it contains.

The chocolates are wrapped in biodegradable plastic with a cardboard outer box.

Kate says, "I doubt there's a week gone by since 2006 that I haven't eaten at least one Be The Change bar, and despite having eaten hundreds (maybe thousands!) of them, I never get bored of them. My number one chocolate bar since the day I created it."


Organic Cacao mass (60%), Organic evaporated cane juice crystals, organic Reishi extract, Klamath Lake algae.

Nutritional Information


Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy588.4 Kcal 2461.9 kj
Fat48.8 g
- of which saturates30.4 g
Carbohydrate36.1 g
- of which sugars16.3 g
Dietary Fiber10.5 g
Protein9 g
Salt7.6 mg

Further Information

We believe we were the first people in the world to commercially produce raw chocolate bars, in 2005. Back then we only had cacao beans, so we would grind them up with brazil nuts and agave nectar to create what we named the Hi-bar. In 2006, cacao powder was introduced to the market, and we upgraded our recipes and started producing bars such as Whoosh, Be the Change, and Hi-Lovers.

Now, over a decade later, we are excited to introduce a new upgrade to our processes. For the first time, we are producing our bars in a dedicated chocolate facility. We conch and temper the raw cacao to produce a bar of outstanding velvety smoothness.

What has always made our bars stand out from the rest is the generous amount of superfoods we include. Every bar contains a medicinal dose of potent plant foods to take your energy and vitality to the next level. Now we can offer you this exceptional nutritional content in an even more delicious package.

We use pure unroasted Peruvian cacao, and as a sweetener we use Ecuadorian cane juice crystals. This is a unique sweetener that ticks every single desirable box: low glycemic, high in minerals, truly raw, truly vegan, fairtrade, and with a blissful melt in the mouth texture.

Then we add superfoods. Try all the range! Be the Change (reishi and Klamath Lake algae), Whoosh (maca, gingko and vanilla), Hi-Lovers (maca, shatavari and rose) & the upcoming Ceremonial Cacao bar.


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