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ATT 5G Freedom Pendant (2 Styles)


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This pendant comes in two styles, please ensure you order the right one for you.

From ATT comes another very important product; the 5G Freedom Pendant. With opposing 'Tachyonized Vertical-Crystal and Air-Gap deployment', this pendant is designed specifically for those in the '5G world'.

We have tried many different devices on the market, we lovegrounding and we love zappers, but we can tell you that Tachyon is our favourite!

The Tachyonized beads multi-directionality creates a true Tachyon Ultra Product, as defined by Professor Wagner.

Kate says, "I wouldn't be without this, and everyone I recommend it to says the same. It makes you feel as you have an invisible force field around you, protecting you - because you do!"

Further Information

David Wagner, also known as TachyonMan, is a scientist, naturalist, spiritual guide, visionary, inventor, and energy healer. Twenty-five years ago David was given a vision, a blueprint for how to tap into the source of all energy in the universe, the energy that creates all material existence and provides the energy for our bodies to heal themselves. He named his discovery, Tachyonization.

David was downloaded from Source a comprehensive blueprint for how to use tachyon subatomic particles to restructure materials at the submolecular level thereby creating tachyon antenna. His first step was to develop the Tachyonization process. He was so excited and grateful that he went on to found his company, Advanced Tachyon Technologies. He realized the Tachyonization™ process was a profound breakthrough. Since his discovery, David has Tachyonized over four hundred health and wellness products.

Founded in 1990, Advanced Tachyon Technologies has become a multinational company with over four hundred personal and professional Tachyonized products that heal, preserve, and restore health. ATTI is the world's only manufacturer of Tachyonized materials. 

In 2010, twenty years after the initial discovery, David Wagner was granted a USA patent in Tachyonization material testing. Which means, he has the only proven process to determine if a material is Tachyonized. Although there are other companies that claim they have Tachyonized materials, the United States Patent 7,760,357 has to date been used to test over fifteen companies that claim their products are also Tachyonized. None of them were able to pass the test. ATTI, is the only scientifically proven manufacturer of Tachyonized materials.

David is recognized worldwide as the father of Tachyonization™. His Tachyonized tools are in over 153 countries and have been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people. Over three and a half million Tachyonized products have been sold worldwide.

David is acutely aware that we live in a dangerous world In fact, Tachyons are the most powerful of all forms of energy because tachyons are the energetic field from which all forms of energy are derived. Unlike all other forms of energy that have frequencies and, therefore, can be harmful, Tachyons have no frequency and are completely harmless. They can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

When David first discovered his process of harnessing Tachyon energy in 1990 the words Tachyon, Tachyonization and Tachyonized were all abstract theories. Through years of diligent work, research and experimentation these complex theories have become legitimized realities.

Tachyonized materials have been scientifically proven to promote neg-entropy. In simple terms, Tachyonized materials are catalysts to rapid recovery. They restore optimal energetic balance.

David believes it is of critical importance that Tachyon energy tools become available to everyone. Therefore, he has not flinched or slowed down from his mission to introduce the world to Tachyon energy. Quite the contrary. He has renewed his pledge and has declared that whatever it takes he is continuing his quest to put Tachyon health and wellness products into the hands of every man, woman and child on the planet.

As David says, “ It is my fervent desire to do all that I can to help protect, preserve and heal everyone’s heath and well-being."

We have recently been contacted by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) asking us to remove info from the site on electromagnetics, which we have done. This is what they say: The ASA has previously ruled on similar claims in the past, and, to date, we have not seen any evidence to demonstrate that electromagnetic radiation and associated products poses a risk to health, or that there is robust scientific evidence emerging that showed negative human health impacts or risks caused by mobile and cordless phones, Wi-Fi and other electromagnetic fields.

This is based on a ruling from 2018 for the charity Electrosensitivity UK, edited below:

Electrosensitivity UK said they believed everyone now knew that low-level exposure to electromagnetic radiation carried a risk; that was why all mobile phones came with warnings about keeping the phone a sufficient distance from the body to reduce the known risk. They said that the UK government and other organisations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) have published numerous documents since the 1970s and 1980s, advising the public about the risks of electromagnetic exposure, and that these organisations’ websites dealt extensively with the issue. They did not consider it was misleading to refer to that known risk.

They said that by providing very basic information, which alluded to what they understood was the current state of scientific research, the reader was then able to exercise their own choice. They said to say that there was no potential risk, or to say that there was no or reducing evidence, was inaccurate.

They said there was a potential health risk associated with exposure to mobile phone radiation. They understood that some experts believed there were now some 20,000 relevant peer-reviewed studies. They said the list of 15 symptoms and health outcomes associated with low-level electromagnetic exposure were just a proportion of perhaps 80 known symptoms and 30 conditions which could have been listed with the support of peer-reviewed studies. They believed all governments and regulators accepted that this was the case, which was why many groups regularly updated their safety guidelines, including the UK, which last introduced new EM regulations under a year ago. They believed that position was supported by 200 involved scientists who had signed the International EMF Scientists Appeal to the United Nations and the World Health Organization to recognise the majority science which showed increasing health risks. They believed that the UK did not have any NHS centre of excellence in that health area and thus there were no researchers except psychologists investigating the Electrophobia, and the published list of health experts used by the ASA did not have expertise in health effects of bioelectromagnetics.

They considered that the WHO sheet 193 (a WHO fact sheet regarding electromagnetic fields and public health) was wrong, that it was not peer-reviewed, was out of date and there were major conflicts of interest within the WHO. Further they understood that the AGNIR (Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation) 2012 Report (a report produced by an independent scientific advisory group that reported to Public Health England (PHE)) was not peer-reviewed. They considered that such sheets were worthless for scientific purposes and suited those regulators and governments wishing to continue with high levels of wireless irradiation of the general population. They considered supporters of the wireless industry exerted pressure to ensure that this type of news was not reported in the mainstream media.

They considered that the WHO/ICNIRP and PHE/AGNIR still clung to the out-dated 1953 thermal hypothesis. Instead, they understood that until the last decade, many possible mechanisms and pathways had been established and showed low level EM exposure caused health risks, but few were accepted universally.

They believed electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) was a condition that affected about 3.1–3.8% of the general population according to surveys listed by the WHO. Further, they believed about 30–40% of the general population were subliminally or slightly electrosensitive (ES) and as they believed bio-effects of EM exposure were cumulative, where such people remained in high levels of man-made EM exposure they had a greater risk of developing EHS. They believed headaches, tinnitus (the microwave hearing or a clicking sound in the ears) and similar effects on the hearing, skin disorders, dementia and related conditions such as Alzheimer’s, damaged sperm count, depression and related effects, along with similar outcomes such as anxiety, irritability, stress, nervousness and suicide had long been recognised as a specific symptom of low-level electromagnetic exposure as from mobile phones. In many surveys they understood headaches appeared as the leading or within the top three of specific symptoms. They said that memory loss had long been recognised as a specific symptom of low-level electromagnetic exposure as from mobile phones, and had also been described as forgetfulness, cognitive disturbance, reduced cognition, reduced concentration, confusion, word loss, or poor learning. Similarly, they believed damage to the immune system, fatigue, heart palpitations, including heart rate, HRV, cardio-vascular effects, sleep disorders, including sleep disturbance and insomnia had been recognised as specific symptoms of low-level electromagnetic exposure, as from mobile phones. They also believed that since 1974 it had been known that EM exposure could affect demyelination and produce the symptoms of M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis).

They also understood that from 1984 radio frequency radiation and ELF fields as from mobile phones had been confirmed as having a risk for cancer. Further, they understood the WHO in 2011 classified mobile phones and all radio frequencies as raising the risk of cancer, when its IARC classified radio frequency as a 2B human carcinogen.

By way of substantiation, they provided over 500 references to studies, including full annotated papers, in support of the claims.

ASA, however, concluded, "We did not consider that the evidence demonstrated that electromagnetic radiation and associated products posed a risk to health, specifically that there was robust scientific evidence emerging that showed negative human health impacts or risks caused by mobile and cordless phones, WiFi and other electromagnetic fields."


Click HERE for an exclusive interview with David Wagner on how tachyon works and how he came to develop these life-changing products.

How To Use

All designs are based on surgical stainless steel.

Length: 43mm base to top - 1.7 inches tall (43mm)
Width: 10mm wide - 0.39 inches wide (10mm)
Weight*: 17 grams without the chain.
(*in comparison the Mini-V weigh between 12 and 16 grams)

Since the top is open, keep out of water.

We suggest you start slowing and gradually increase the time wearing it while you are getting used to it. Once you are used to it, suggested use is all the time, except for when sleeping. We suggest hanging the pendant when storing.

The 5G Freedom pendant is an amazing and powerful tool as part of one's journey to thrive in a world where 5G exists.

** Free Chain included with each 5G Freedom pendant. Chains are not Tachyonized. Chain style may differ from that shown, based on current stock. There is no way to request a "free chain" design change and there is no warranty for free chain.