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Raw Transitions eBook (Kate Magic)


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This book is a 28 day Menu Plan to help you transition into the raw lifestyle. Kate has been a raw vegan for over thirty years! In that time, she has worked with thousands of people, and has learnt what works for people and what doesn’t, where people often stumble, and how to navigate the common issues that we all face. So she’s devised a month’s worth of meals, from breakfast through to dinner, including drinks and snacks along the way, to make it easy for you to get the raw glow – and keep it!

Kate says, “I truly believe doing raw foods is easy and fun. Making food that is delicious as it is nutritious is something that comes instinctively to me, and I don’t see any reason why it can’t come instinctively to you as well! So here I share with you advice and tips to make eating the best food the planet has to offer something that you do every day. Eating this way fills me with so much joy, and feeling this vitality in my body, clear mind, and lightness of heart, is a pleasure I wish everyone could experience. I’ve created this menu plan to hold your hand for a full 28 days as you transition into a high raw diet. Whether you sustain it for longer or not doesn’t matter, because I’ve created a gentle and practical detox programme that helps your body adjust gradually. As it’s not extreme like a juice fast, you’re much less likely to lapse, and if you do, the side effects won’t be so dramatic.

I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible for you. Simplicity is what works! First of all we have the menu plan for you to easily refer to. Following that is the menu plan broken down into detail – this is where to look when you’re stuck about something. Next we have the recipes! Over 60 recipes that will have you and anyone you’re sharing them with oohing and aahing with delight. I’ve kept all the recipes as simple as possible, so you’re not going to be in the kitchen for hours every day. Then finally, at the back, we have the ingredients lists. Making sure you have everything you need in is key, and getting the best quality, freshest ingredients will make all the difference to how your meals taste.

So, short of going to the shops and cooking it for you (which you know I actually would do if I had the time), I’ve done everything I can to make this as easy going as possible. Have fun!”

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"Being familiar with Kate's work and products, I expected a very high quality and well organized book with attractive graphics and delicious recipes, along with a healthy dose of motivation and inspiration. Guess what.......as I also expected, I was not disappointed! Kate always delivers the highest quality. Kudos!" Kelli

"I love the way you write and your food is luscious and right up my street. So simple, easy to implement and leaves me feeling good." Anna

"I love Kate’s books. She is so knowledgeable about nutrition and uses simple, easy to find ingredients. However, any type of cook or non cookbook can end up being a little overwhelming with so many recipes and I imagine a pressure on the author to come up with lots of new and exciting recipes. The beauty of the Raw Transitions is that it is really simple. It offers a kind of blueprint or formula to eating raw food in a way that isn’t time consuming or complicated. I love the idea of a green juice and a nut/seed milk and a tea every day and the children are loving it too. The want us to carry on with the milks even when we have finished the 28 days. The Raw Transition offers not only raw but also transition and cooked meals. This is great for days when you just feel like something cooked. It is also great when you are feeding a family including active kids. It is a book that empowers anyone to make changes to their diet but in a way that is accessible and simple and delicious. It isn’t a formula that needs to be followed to the letter but one that gives a gentle guide line and then empowers you to use your own ideas or to gradually add other recipes to your growing repertoire. Thanks Kate!" Angela

"This book should come with a health warning. You will probably end up absolutely glowing. You might even be able to jump as high as Kate (see photo).
Buy it. Newbie or not. The recipes are wonderful." Helen


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