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Raw Granola Recipe By Kate Magic

No special equipment needed

Tell them about the honey, mummy. And the mulberries, and the hemp, and the flax...this makes a filling and nutritious breakfast for rawluctant kids and adults alike. Buckwheat is a a gluten-free grain which is a popular ingredient in raw food cuisine when sprouted and dehydrated. If you've got a dehydrator, you can make your own buckwheaties cheaply and easily - if not we've got them ready-made for you.

Recipe Ingredients

Recipe Method

In a large mixing bowl, mix the buckwheaties, raisins, mulberries, and hemp. In a small bowl, mix the tahini, honey, flax oil, and ashwagandha to a paste. Pour the dressing over the cereal and give it a really good stir together. Store in an airtight container in the fridge. Serve as it is, swimming in almond milk, over Coconut Yoghurt, or as a chia topping.

This breakfast will keep well in the fridge so double or triple the quantities and make enough to last all week.

Total Time : 10 mins

Serves: 4