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Tahini - Raw and Organic (250g, 5kg)


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Sun & Seed's raw, organic Sesame Tahini is made made using artisan techniques. All Sun & Seed nut and seed butters are made by simply grinding raw seeds or nuts using traditional stone milling machine. It is a slow and careful process ensuring that all the best quality is preserved

Please note that Sun and Seed are using a new source of sesame seeds, and the tahini is distinctively different from previously. It's not white, it's brown, and slightly bitter in flavour.


100% Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy570 Kcal 2385 kj
of which saturates6.7g
- of which sugars0g
Dietary Fiber9.3g

Further Information

Sun & Seed started out as a family business, with its production facility as a part of the converted traditional farm. Sun & Seed has grown into a co-operative with both neighbouring and far flung farms. We establish price guarantees which ensure that the farmers growing our organic seeds and fruits receive a fair price for their efforts. Special care is taken selecting the right partners to ensure the highest quality products. Sun & Seed is an ethical company. We never ship products via airfreight. We use environmentally friendly packaging & shipping wherever possible.


Click HERE to listen to a short interview with Rosana Mirkovic, founder of Sun and Seed.

How To Use

Delicious on crackers, in dips, trail mixes.