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Recipe by Kate Magic

No special equipment needed

Chia makes the quickest, most irresistible raw breakfasts and desserts. One of the best things about chia, is that it swells up to four times its size when you soak it, so a little goes a long way. It’s excellent for gut health, and it’s very hard to overeat on it. I find 2 tbsp is just about the right amount per portion.

Soak the chia in the water for at least an hour, or overnight. Intermittently give it a whisk with a fork to make sure all the seeds are gelling up evenly. When you’re ready, stir in the carob or lucuma, camu, tahini, and coconut nectar. Remove the stalks from the strawberries, chop them into bite-sized pieces, and stir them in.

Serve as it is, or accompanied by some coconut yoghurt, chocolate pudding, or vegan ice cream.

Total time: Soaking 1-4 hours, takes 10 mins to make.

Serves 4