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Geocleanse (Single)


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Studies are mounting that all of this EMF is more of a risk to our health than is being reported. The Geocleanse helps neutralise all EMR fields unique to buildings, restoring electromagnetic functioning on the Human BioField.

The Geoclense releases healthy, negative charged resonance, programmed to harmonise and rebalance EMFs created by all forms of EMR, RF, WiFi, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation. The resonant stress created by noxious EMF fields are instantly removed with a Geoclense operating in a building.

Only one Geoclense is needed to Harmonise your entire building and up to 9m beyond.

We are not permitted to share any information with you on the huge amount of research that shows the harmful effects of EMFs on the body, nor are we allowed to share the research that has gone into making this product. Ask yourself why that might be, then do your research to find out for yourself what scientists who are not funded by mobile phone companies say about EMFs. Having questioned why health products are so heavily censored, then you are in a better place to make a decision on how you might go about ensuring that you are in optimum health, and you may decide to purchase this excellent product.

How To Use

Plug the Geocleanse into any power point and turn on the power switch. If being used in countries that do not have a power point switch, plug the Geocleanse into the power socket and it will start to operate immediately. Makes no noise or smell.