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Raw Tacos Spinach (57g - 6 tacos)


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    Raw Taco Wraps are made out of veggies and fruit. Spinach is combined with apples and psyllium to create a soft and pliable wrap that is not only delicious and healthy but good for you.

    • Bag of 6 wraps.
    • 6 inch diameter.
    • 25 calories per soft taco!
    • Paleo, raw, vegan, allergy friendly.
    • Ready to eat. No heating required.

    Raw Wraps have given tacos a veggie makeover! Made from whole fresh, super food ingredients. If you have food allergies, you can relax, we've got you covered!

    Vegan, raw, gluten free, soy free, nut free, dairy free, corn free, non GMO, wheat free, allergy friendly, paleo approved sandwich wrap made from fresh kale. High in antioxidants vitamin A & C. Good source of fibre and very low sodium. Wrap up a powerhouse of nutrition all for 25 calories!


    Apple, spinach, onion, psyllium.

    Further Information

    Green Leaf Foods is owned and run by an innovative, food loving family. As a family, our values center on producing a product that we can stand honorably behind. Quality nutrition in a simple, natural wrap is our promise to you. Raw Wraps source only the freshest ingredients. No chance for cross contamination as only veggies, fruit and seeds touch our production line. Our wraps have character, not every one is the same since they are made by hand. They are made in small batches ensuring each one gets our approval.

    Let's face it, having food allergies can be a real drag, especially when most allergen free wraps taste like a jar of paste, devoid of quality nutrition. That's where Raw Wraps come in, delicious food from all natural raw ingredients. Our food is engineered by nature to taste great and provide the nutrition your body craves. Super food nutrition is the foundation of our product, created by a holistic nurse practitioner who is used to taking care of (and being) a person with food allergies. We understand the challenges, Raw Wraps were specifically created to be allergen free, nutrient dense and taste great!

    Meet Brandy- the holistic nurse practitioner who invented Raw Wraps.

    Plato said it best, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

    My journey into the raw food lifestyle began after several prestigious doctors (over a decade of them!) were unable to determine the cause of my many symptoms. I suffered with fatigue, weight gain, severe bloating, constipation, dry skin, hair loss, and brain fog to name a few. As a nurse practitioner, I realized conventional medicine didn't have all the answers. I was sick and tired of being "sick and tired." So, I enrolled in various holistic seminars and eventually came to study functional medicine at the University of Miami.

    Learning from our nations top doctors such as Dr. Mark Hyman & Dr. Perlmutter (who are now regulars on Dr. Oz!), I began to use the principals of functional medicine to heal myself. I discovered that I had severe food sensitivities, leaky gut, candida overgrowth, SIBO, low stomach acid, early adrenal fatigue and my hormones were out of whack (I was only in my 30's!). The root cause of all my issues stemmed from a poor quality diet and high stress. I quit my stressful job, opened my own practice and began healing myself and my patients.

    I had so many food sensitivities that the gluten free products sold in stores had something I was sensitive to or lacked taste and nutrition. Raw food bread alternatives were formulated with nuts, flax or coconut and although healthy, were too high in calories --I needed to lose weight. Plus, their leathery texture was not satisfying and most cracked when folded.

    Determined to get healthy, lose weight, and still have some sense of normalcy, (like eating a sandwich), I became obsessed with creating a wrap made out of veggies. I spent months of trial and error developing my recipe.

    I set the bar high, they had to be made with superfoods, low calorie, low sodium, and pack in as much fiber as possible. They had to be 100% natural, made with real food, no junk & no regrets! Plus they had to be soft, nutrient dense and actually taste good. Kale & spinach fit the bill perfectly.

    I tested my wraps on strangers, at office parties, with friends, family, my clinic patients and any willing participant. The response was overwhelming and soon I was unable to go anywhere without being asked if I brought wraps!

    Now I am in wrap heaven. I healed quite a bit, but am still on my journey to optimal health. Raw Wraps allows me to not be the person in the room who can't eat while others are enjoying. Actually, now even people without allergies are hooked on them...

    I sincerely hope you enjoy them and they bring you good health. It is my deepest honor to know that my wraps are helping those who suffer with allergies.

    Brandy Chappell, ARNP