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The Clay Cure - EMF Wave Cleanse Bath Soak (450g)


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We recommend drinking plenty of water during or after your bath to replace the water you have sweated out. You might also want to try dry skin brushing before your bath or shower to assist with circulation.

You can use Wave Cleanse Bath as a body scrub by adding oil of your choice, or as a stimulating foot bath.


Superfine Green Montmorillonite, This type of clay is spectacular due to its ability to produce an electrical charge when hydrated. Upon contact with fluid, its electrical components change, giving it a strong negative charge which then bonds to the positive charge in many toxins giving it a grounding effect. This is why it’s so crucial in our formula since it has these magical, earthy abilities to absorb and remove toxic overload.

Clinoptilolite, volcanic clay with most remarkable properties has been used to decontaminate ground radiations from Chernobyl and Fukushima, possesses strong antioxidant abilities that help to eliminate free radicals and has been shown to have a protective effect on the harmful radiation of EMF.

Epsom Salt, We use the purest, naturally mined source of Epsom Salts.Epsom Salts or Magnesium Sulphate increases the potency of the Clinoptilolite and Green Clay. It is well known for its benefits in stimulating lymph drainage and drawing toxins out through the pores by osmosis.


Our bodies have their own EMF fields, which is in natural resonance to the Earth's electromagnetic field (and why we feel so good in the calm of mother nature). Electrical devices are not, and in turn, generate frequencies that may disturb our body's own patterning. There are links to problems and diseases including fatigue, insomnia, joint and muscle pain, decreased attention span, difficulty focusing for over-exposure to EMF.

Look around you – how many people do you see on their phones? Our love of technology can be a fantastic benefit, but we also need to switch off every now again. Unplug, disconnect, whatever you want to call it, it's good for the soul. Our energetic body and minds can become overloaded from our frantic, stressed, overworked lives that now involve screen time too much of the time. What to do? Give yourself a digital detox by having some time away from your gadgets.

A study in the National Institutes of Health found that 95% of people interviewed said their mood improved after putting down their phones to spend time outside.

Disconnect to Reconnect! Create a space and experience that gives you the freedom and permission you need to truly unplug and decompress.

It's not just about unplugging. It's about rediscovering what happens when we truly plug-in to life, as we disconnect from our devices, we reconnect with ourselves in a far more profound and more productive way.

After a period of research and testing The Clay Cure Co.has formulated Wave Cleanse Bath to counteract the “tired and wired” feeling from tech overuse; Using a synergistic blend of our alkalizing Superfine Green Clay, rich in ionic trace minerals, active Clinoptilolite, a remarkable volcanic clay and the purest grade of Epsom Salt.

EMF Wave Cleanse is best taken when you are entirely free from any "digital commitments" you will feel blissed out, calmer and refreshed.


Superfine Green Montmorillonite, Clinoptilolite, Epsom Salts

Further Information

 Guaranteed 100 % pure, our clays are a natural source of the following major trace elements: Magnesium(Mg), Calcium(Ca), Potassium(K), Manganese(Mn),    Zinc(Zn), Phosphorus(P), Iron(Fe), Aluminum(Al), Silicon(Si), Copper(Cu), Selenium(Se), Cobalt(Co), Molybdenum(Mo) as well as lots of other elements.

Clay has been used for thousands of years, and yet, no one can pin down fully what makes it a healer.

Some are only happy to use it in every case they judge appropriate, and achieve great results. This is why we are full of wonder every time clay accomplishes a cure we did not expect, in so little time.

Most users of clay leave scientific explanations aside when they come astounded by the accomplishments of clay.

Clay is effective as a DYNAMIC PRESENCE far more significantly than a mere consideration of the substances it contains.

It is a catalyst rather than an agent itself.

This is possible because clay is ALIVE.

Clay is a live medium which helps generate and maintain life.

Our range of clays do not come from someone's backyard! Every extraction is analyzed and inspected and meets all microbiological standards. Our clay will always be at its purest and highest quality.

The use of clay is endless!

Many of the minerals needed by the body are, essentially, dirt or rock. Though we most often consume them taken up in plant or animal form, nearly all mammalian species engage in some form of direct earth eating to prevent nutritional deficiency. An obvious example is the dietary use of salt among humans, and the frequenting of salt licks by mammals such as deer, cattle and sheep to obtain minerals such as sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorous and zinc.

Given this fact, the relationship between mineral deficiency and clay and soil eating was among the first to be examined. Scientists have hypothesized earth-eating as an adaptive behavior based  on nutritional requirements, one that occurred and persisted on an evolutionary basis due to its survival benefits.

Though the study of clay consumption has revealed the potential for digestive and nutritional benefits, scientists believe the most conclusive evidence points to detoxification as a primary benefit of clay eating throughout human history. Its use appears to be one borrowed from and shared by numerous animal species, attesting to its practice not as an anomaly or aberrant behavior but instead a true adaptive practice contributing to survival and evolution.

 One example from the animal kingdom is the use of clay by animal species that regularly scavenge for a wide variety of foods, often of varying toxicity. Researchers discovered that the ingestion of clay  by such species, among them birds, parrots, rats and primates, enables a diverse diet without suffering the toxic effects of substances consumed. The chemical structure of earthen clay determines their suitability as a detoxicant.

Eating clay, far from an eating disorder, may instead be history's earliest example of using the earth's resources to solve medical problems. With recent evidence revealing clay's common use in lowering food toxicity and promoting digestive health and detox, this ancient practice may continue to have much to teach us about medicine and healing.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that according to the EU regulations, clay and clay-like substances are not regarded by the EU authorities as food products, and we are not selling or marketing them as such, but simply as generic products. We provide general information about clays and minerals which we have collected online and from various publications. Clays or minerals are not being sold by us as medicines or food supplements. We do not provide diagnosis or advice. If you have any medical problem, please consult your medical practitioner. 


Click here to play the interview with Zeljko Bozik, co-founder of The Clay Cure along with his wife Ana. Zeljko is passionate about the many properties and uses of clay, and how this simple substance can assist us in so many valuable ways.

How To Use

Prepare beforehand by turning off your smartphone, computer/laptop and modem. Light some candles instead of the electric light. 

We recommend drinking plenty of water during or after your bath to replace the water you have sweated out. You might also want to try dry skin brushing' before your bath or shower to assist with    circulation.

Fill a bathtub to a standard bathing depth with hot water. For an optimal result, we recommend using the whole bag of Wave Cleanse.

 Keep as much of the body submerged as possible for twenty to forty minutes for the best results. When your bath is complete, drain the tub and take a short shower to wash off the clay, salt.    Clean the tub to eliminate any residual pollutants thoroughly. Only one person should use the bath before the tub is drained and cleaned.

 After bathing, we highly recommend you to take a rest that will allow a reconnection with yourself.

You can use EMF Wave Cleanse Bath as a body scrub by adding oil of your choice or as a stimulating footbath.