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Pacari Raw Organic Chocolate Bar 100% (50g)


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Here you can get the best pure cacao chocolate. Our raw organic, vegan dark chocolate. Best 100% cacao chocolate with no added sugars.  

What's special about raw chocolate? Raw or unroasted chocolate contains cacao beans that have been minimally processed at lower temperatures to maximise the complex flavours of the natural cacao bean.

Our raw 100% cacao organic chocolate bar is exactly what it says on the label, 100% pure delicious cacao with no added sugars of any kind. You'll find that the bitterness of the bar is balanced by hints of fruits and spices culminating in a rich taste experience cacao fans will love.

Silver Medal, World Finals, International Chocolate Awards 2018

Silver Medal, World Finals, International Chocolate Awards 2017

Gold Medal, Americas Finals, International Chocolate Awards 2016

Silver Medal, World Finals, International Chocolate Awards 2014


Cacao Beans (nothing else!).

Further Information

Pacari Chocolate is a Ecuadorian family-owned company which aims to make the highest quality fine flavour chocolate in the world. Made from tree to bar in Ecuador, this fair trade, sustainable, socially responsible, certified organic dark chocolate has won over 180 International Chocolate Awards since 2012. 

Santiago Peralta and Carla Barboto built a business based on socially and environmentally sustainable principles to ensure that the production of chocolate supports the well-being of the local community and the land. The word Pacari means "nature" in Quechua, an indigenous language of the Andean region.

Since 2002, Pacari Chocolate has worked with hundreds of local cacao growers and cooperatives to preserve the native Arriba Nacional cacao and create - the first single-origin organic chocolate made entirely in Ecuador – with the finest organic ingredients. 

7 reasons why you will love Pacari Chocolates!

  1. Made from tree to bar in Ecuador, this fair trade, sustainable, socially responsible, certified organic dark chocolate brand has won over 180 International Chocolate Awards.
  1. All products are made with 100% organic and natural ingredients and certified kosher. Pacari only purchases from certified organic farms which is not only better for the consumer but also ensures that during the growing process, no harm is done to the local people or the planet.
  1. Unlike many other chocolate brands, Pacari uses only the best Ecuadorian cacao beans, Arriba Nacional cacao for all their products. Classified as “fino de aroma”, these beans are known for their rich, full taste, fruity and floral notes and produce the highest quality fine flavour dark chocolate.
  1. Pacari cares about the environment and is working to try to protect the priceless, irreplaceable genetic stock that is Ecuadorian cacao in a number of ways including working exclusively with traditional cacao growers, not plantations.
  1. Pacari is an Ecuadorian family-owned company which believes that businesses (especially in developing countries) have a duty to support local people and their livelihoods as well as the environment. Pacari protects local community and support 3500 families in Ecuador by working directly with small scale farmers, not middle men. They pay a significant premium over market prices to ensure producers are fairly compensated for their products and hard work.
  1. Pacari Chocolate is one of the few dark chocolate brands in the UK (less than 1%) that is actually produced and packaged in a developing country that actually grows cacao beans (tree to bar not bean to bar).This means more wealth stays in the country of origin, and helps create a range of work opportunities not only in farming but food design and technology, chocolatier industry, business, design, sales and marketing.
  1. Being free from gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, palm oil and any artificial ingredients as well as its commitment to both local producers and the environment, the entire Pacari Chocolate range is perfect for vegans, health conscious, discerning and ethical consumers.


Click here to play our inspiring podcast interview with Juan Andres of Pacari. Pacari is the most award-winning chocolate company in the world! A certified B Corp, everything they produce is fairtrade and organic, and you can taste that superior quality in every bite of their Ecuadorian cacao products.