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Skysprouts - Organic Peas For Sprouting (500g)


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Organic Pea Seed for sprouting and microgreens.

Pea sprouts are one of our favourite ‘beanie’ sprouts. They taste much like fresh peas, juicy and sweet. We like to snack on them raw. They are a lovely vibrant green and add a great colour and crunch to dishes. We use them as an alternative to Chickpeas or Mung in cooked dishes like tomato sauce and courgetti. This seed can also be used to grow Golden Pea Shoots, or Micro-Greens. See growing tips under FAQs for more info.

100g of beans will produce approximately 250g of sprouts in 2 – 3 days.


Organic pea seeds for sprouting and microgreens

How To Use

Soak 8-12 hours
Rinse 2-3 x per day
Harvest 2-5 days
Yield 2:1
Shelf life 2 years