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Skysprouts - Organic Chick Peas For Sprouting (500g)


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We all know what Chickpeas are, although these are very different from the soft, tasteless canned chickpeas many people are used to.  Crunchy, juicy, and fresh, they work with so many recipes. Delicious roasted with chili and salt, thrown into a blender with lemon and garlic for raw hummus in 2 minutes, or whizzed up with some herbs to make falafels. Great to add some crunch to curries and stir-fries, they are also very satisfying and fill you up easily.

100g of beans will produce approximately 250g of sprouts in 2 – 3 days.


Organic Chickpea

How To Use

Soak 8-12 hours
Rinse 2-3 x per day
Harvest 2-5 days
Yield 2:1
Shelf life 2 years