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HealthForce Truly Natural Vitamin C (240 Caps)


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Truly Natural™ Vitamin C provides naturally-occurring, highly bioavailable vitamin C, using camu camu berry, amla berry, and acerola cherry.

  • Vital health benefits, with 100% food-based Vit C complex
  • No ascorbic acid or chemical solvents
  • Contains 416% US RDA for vitamin C per serving (8 caps)

The benefit of taking a whole food vitamin C herbal supplement is that vitamin C-rich foods contain the “vitamin C-complex.” The vitamin C-complex can be thought of as vitamin C plus the other compounds that increase vitamin C's efficacy and bioavailability, collectively termed “vitamin C activity.” These other compounds in the vitamin C-complex are considered cofactors which contribute to vitamin C's total antioxidant activity. Some of these vitamin C cofactors are located in the pulp of the fruit and some are found in the skin. These vitamin C cofactors can include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other powerful antioxidants (phenolic compounds, flavonoids, etc.). Vitamin C in plants in synergistic combination with the other cofactors in the vitamin C-complex increase vitamin C's activity. Research demonstrates that vitamin C is both more effective and at lesser doses when the vitamin C complex is intact. Both the camu camu berry and amla berry in Truly Natural™ Vitamin C are dried and powdered whole with their skin intact.


Acerola Cherry Fruit Extract, Camu Camu Berry Fruit, Amla Berry Fruit, Tapioca Starch (drying medium for the Acerola), VeganCaps (fermented tapioca) – no flow agents

HARD-CORE STANDARDS: Certified organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. Our TruGanic™ Sourcing standard includes lab testing for GMOs and pesticides. No fillers, binders, flow agents. Packaged in recyclable amber glass.

HIGHEST MANUFACTURING STANDARDS: Family owned and operated. Made in the U.S. in certified organic, certified kosher, vegan facility. FDA registered cGMP compliant.

No added sweeteners or flavors. Corn free.

Further Information

"Hype is Nothing. Substance is Everything! Health is important, and too many things usually get in the way of people actually taking an authentically powerful product. Loyalties can be divided. I want to make it clear where mine lies. My loyalty is to those who want to thrive, and those whose life situation requires them to thrive. My loyalty is to the end user. My loyalty is to you. In my life now, and one day when I look back upon my life, that will have value to me incomparable to any amount of money, investors, or fame.

"The quality, therapeutic concentration, and affordability of a nutritional product can, and often does, mean the difference between lethargy and energy, sickness and health, and, quite literally, life and death. I don't want anyone to be tired, sick, or dead because they could not obtain or afford the best possible product. If someone does not feel this same way, they should not be in the nutritional product business. I live and breathe this philosophy in both my personal and professional life and constantly strive to evolve HealthForce products and offer them at the best possible values – with a reverence for all life. I would rather die than compromise these values."

Dr. Jameth Sheridan – Doctor of Holistic Medicine (D.H.M.), Naturopath, and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher

How To Use

Capsules: Take 8 VeganCaps per day, or as advised by a qualified health care professional. Consume with conscious, positive intent.

Powder: Take 2 teaspoons per day, or as directed by a qualified health care professional. Consume with conscious, positive intent.