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He Shou Wu powder (100g, 250g, 1kg)


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He Shou Wu (also known as Fo-ti) is one of the most popular traditional Chinese herbs. It is considered a superior herb, meaning a herb that is suitable to consume on a daily basis. Along with Goji Berries, it is the primary Jing herb. The literal translation means, “Mr He's hair is black,” as legend has it that Mr He, an elderly man, took the herb, and revived not only his hair colour, but his youthful appearance and vitality! The powder is made from the dried root of the plant, which is prepared in a soup of black beans in the traditional manner. It has a pleasant earthy flavour, similar to black coffee, making it easy to ingest. 

Our He Shou Wu comes from Hubei Province, a well-know region for harvesting various medicinal plants. The roots are at their best once they are three years of age, and picked by gatherers who are well-experienced in determining the age of the plant. Our He Shou Wu product is mainly purchased by Chinese TCM pharmacy chains.  The producers have over two decades of experience, and a reputation for the highest quality.


He shou wu powder (Polygonum multifloram)

Further Information

He Shou Wu is also known as Foti root, Fo-ti-teng, or Ho Shou Wu.. He Shou Wu is an ancient Chinese herb, and like Reishi, is classed as a Superior Tonic Herb in Chinese medicine.

Mention of He Shou Wu can be found in the Chinese medical treatise dating to 713 AD, though it is not the earliest tonic herb listed in the Chinese herbal lore, its wide and prevalent use today has certainly made it one of the better known herbs.

Millions of men and women make use of He Shou Wu in the Far East.

The name of this herb literally means "Black-haired Mr. He," in reference to an ancient story of a Mr. He who restored his vitality, sexual potency, and youthful appearance by taking the herb now named after him. While we aren't sure if this is the same person, He Shouwu, a Chinese man, is reputed to have lived until the age of 132, and is the first consumer of this herb to be reported.

NB he shou wu is heat treated in preparation, so it is not a raw ingredient.


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How To Use

He Shou Wu has a pleasant, coffee-like flavour. You can add it to hot drinks, smoothies, and raw chocolate recipes. 1/2 - 1sp a day. It's safe to take on a continual basis.