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Hazelnuts - Raw and Organic (250g, 1kg, 5kg)


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Try our guaranteed raw and organic hazelnuts and taste the difference! The majority of nuts bought in the stores are heat-treated to preserve them longer on the shelves, so are technically not raw.

Our hazelnuts are from Turkey and Italy. We purchase nuts only from certified organic farmers and dealers. The breeding, harvesting and drying is done under high hygiene standards and with great care. Our supplier carries out standard testing in batches and get it checked for Aflatoxin (Standard Aflatoxin Test) by independent accredited laboratories.

Finally, our hazelnuts are subject to laser cleaning in order to ensure that we provide you only the best. For this purpose, the hazelnuts are laser cleaned several times. The Laser cleaning system ensures that only the best and purest products are brought in the market. 


100% Organic Hazelnuts

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy658 Kcal 2755 kj
of which saturates4.46g
- of which sugars4.34g
Dietary Fiber8g

Further Information

The fruits of hazelnut tree are known as Hazelnut or just Hazel in short and are also known as “Common Hazel”. The Hazelnut belongs to the Coryloideae family, a sub group of Betulaceae family. Thus, the Hazelnut is more closely related to the birch, although the fruit is known as a nut fruit. The bush of Hazelnut grows up to 5 meters tall and is native to Europe and Asia Minor. It can live for up to 100 years. The Hazelnuts, which are commonly available on the shelves of the supermarket, are not the "Common Hazel" but instead are the close relatives of Lambert hazel (Corylus maxima). It is obtained from the warmer parts of southeast Europe and from Asia Minor. The Lambert hazel is more sensitive to cold than the "Common Hazel”. The main area of cultivating Lambert hazel is the Black Sea region of Turkey, which constitutes three quarter production of hazelnuts in the entire world.

The fruits of Hazelnut are up to 18 mm long up to 18 mm and are usually placed close to each other. Here up to 3 nuts are grouped together. The hazelnut has a hard outer shell, which is located inside the actual hazelnut kernel. This in turn has a brownish outer skin. A fresh harvested hazelnut is white and with increasing period of storage, it changes the color to yellow. The harvesting is done between September and October. In case of hazelnut, more help is required since they do not easily fall to the ground as walnuts do. This can be done either by shaking the tree or by directly plucking from the bush. The hazel nuts become ripe when the outer shell shows a brownish tone. All the hazelnuts are dried in sun after harvesting. In order to keep the hazelnut kernels tasty and nutty as long as possible, they are cracked open only before transportation if they are not sold as whole nuts.


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How To Use

We recommend soaking your nuts before you eat them. Soak for 2-4 hours.