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Four Sigmatic - Elixir Mix with Cordyceps (20 Sachet / Box)


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Once you've tried these, there's no going back! One sachet makes up to four cups of hot drink. No need to add anything else, just hot water and you're ready to go. So handy to keep in your rucksack or purse to tide you over in those emergency situations where you can't find anything nourishing to eat or drink. Perfect for travellers.

Cordyceps is the main ingredient of Instant Performance. Sweetened with Stevia.

3g per sachet - Cordyceps 1.5g, cordyceps powder extract has 40% polysaccharides content.

Extraction process?
Mushrooms are boiled in pressure cooker in 100 degrees celsius for 3 x 3 hours (couldn’t be digested without boiling). After boiling the polysaccharides are in liquid which is then dried using hard air pressure through the filter after polysaccharides are extracted from the dried liquid. This process is called water extraction.

Are our products organic?
No. Our products are either wild foods or naturally grown. The wild foods are not farmed, so naturally no modern farming practices are followed. Our cultivated products are manufactured with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACPP), and various ISO standards – all to provide optimal end results. They just are not certified as organically grown.


The wild form of cordyceps spreads by infecting insects and growing on them, thus the other common name for it: “caterpillar fungus”. Those are traditionally eaten in soups in China although they might cost thousands of dollars for a small bag. But when a precise extraction is made, the optimal effectiveness can be achieved.

We use the cultivated Cs-4 strain of cordyceps which is the form that most of the studies have been made with. The mycelium is fermented in an optimal nutrient solution that contains the proper amino acids and other nutrients for the mushroom. We don’t use caterpillars in our production methods and our product is suitable for vegans

Storage instructions:Ambient & dry conditions / 2 year


Organic Cordyceps Extract, Organic Field Mint Extract, Organic Rose Hips Extract, Organic Schisandra Extract.


Further Information

Four Sigmatic Instants are made of pure natural ingredients. They are vegan and contain no common allergens like soy, gluten or lactose. The carefully chosen ingredients have synergistic benefits and thus they pack a punch without any harmful additives. 

Four Sigmatic is a health food company founded by a group of passionate funguys. Our mission is to bring ancient wisdom to modern times. We've combined fast-food convenience with super food effectiveness to bring you the power of mushrooms in a revolutionary way. Mushrooms share about 40% of their DNA with humans, and are extremely well studied, although EU regulations prevent us from sharing any of the research with you. Some top cancer organizations and hospitals recommend their use as an alternative or complementary medicine. For every box of FSF mushrooms sold, we donate one portion of mushrooms to a cancer patient.


Click here to play an audio interview with Tero, founder of Four Sigma Foods. He discusses the benefits of Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion's Mane with Kate Magic.

How To Use

Take a sachet or two of Instant Performance beverage before, and/or after your exercise. You can drink it with water or mix it with your sports drink.