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Black Mulberries - Organic (250g, 10kg)


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Small, very black and very delicious. There are three varieties of mulberry, white, red and black, and black mulberries are said to be the tastiest. They make a fantastic low glycaemic sweet snack, and kids love them.

The mulberry tree is a deciduous plant which grows all over the world, and has been immortalised in the once popular nursery rhyme. It was known as King of the Tree Crops but sadly fell out of favour due to the mess the soft fruits make when they fall to the ground.


Organic Black Mulberries

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy172 Kcal 720 kj
of which saturates-
- of which sugars-
Dietary Fiber6.8g

How To Use

Eat as a snack or use as a smoothie bowl topping.