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Biethica Soya Lecithin Granules - non GMO (250g)


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No raw fooder's kitchen is complete without a packet of lecithin in the fridge. It's an important dietary source of phosphatidyl choline, which is hard to find in a vegan diet (there's plenty in eggs, and a little in bee pollen).

But not only that, it's a great culinary ingredient for making puddings and smoothies extra creamy. Use in milks, cakes and desserts.

Note: Lecithin is not a raw product. This lecithin is soy based and is guaranteed GMO-free. Store in the fridge or freezer for optimum freshness.


100% Lecithin granules (from non-GM soya).

How To Use

Use direct from fridge or freezer. Lecithin goes rancid easily, so store carefully and only use in recipes which are to be consumed immediately.

Add 1-3 tsp to your mylks, smoothies and raw desserts for extra creaminess and nutrition.