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Bali Activation Offering


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A personalised detox retreat for those looking to upgrade their life and experience the magic of Bali.

What Is An Activation?

An activation is an unlocking of the dormant strands of your DNA. It is a cellular awakening process and a remembering of who you are. We are programmed from birth into believing the shadow on the cave wall is life, as Plato’s allegory describes. Each activation is a step out of the shadows and into the light. It is the natural outcome of doing the work: physical, mental and emotional combined. It is an upgrade in frequency. Your frequency dictates your reality more than any other single factor, thus as your frequency shifts, so does your life.

What’s Included?

• Comprehensive intake form and 2hrs of initial consults to ensure you get the most from your programme
• 4 nights accommodation in our beautiful Bali villa
• 15 hours with Kate over five days, to be divided into yoga, reiki and coaching tailored to your specific needs
• Airport transfers direct to and from the villa (or transfer to anywhere within one hour of the villa)
• Welcome dinner and intention setting ceremony
• Departure breakfast and closing circle, with a packed lunch to take away
• 4 breakfasts, made by Kate
• 3 lunches or dinners made by Kate (one meal catered for per day, you choose whether that’s lunch or dinner)
• Unlimited Balinese spring water and herbal teas
• 3 x healing drinks daily eg green juice, Jamu (turmeric tonic), coconut water, fresh spirulina drink, pitaya smoothie, chocolate smoothie, kombucha, jun (honey kombucha), coconut kefir
• Superfood chocolate and raw desserts daily
• 1 x 2hr massage with local Balinese
• Enema bag & castor oil
• Fully tailored programme – we can suggest day trips to suit your schedule eg waterfalls, temples, spas

All food is fully raw vegan. We do use honey, please let us know if you prefer a menu without honey.

What’s Not Included:
• Additional food and drink beyond what is listed above
• Local taxis and cost of any day excursions taken

Further Information

What Should I Expect?
• To let go of long-standing patterns of restrictive thought and behaviour
• Many epiphany moments over the five days
• Fatigue as your body does the work to let go
 • Exhilaration as you step into the new

Who Is This For?
• Anyone who is looking for a breakthrough
• Anyone committed to their spiritual development
• Anyone who feels they are always on the cusp of change but never quite get the results they are hoping for
• Anyone looking to engage with their personal ascension process
• Anyone wanting to upgrade their life
• Anyone wanting to effortlessly manifest their dream life
• Anyone who has taken Kate’s courses and wants a more personalised experience
• Anyone who has been waiting for the right chance to work with Kate
 • Anyone who is looking for an excuse to visit Bali

How Will I Feel Afterwards?
• A new spring in your step
• A new confidence in creating the life of your dreams
• A new clarity in your life’s purpose
• Excited to engage the new tools you have picked up
• Grounded and enthusiastic about going forward in life
 • An anchoring into a new default paradigm (some call this 5D)

Why Kate?
Kate has three decades of experience of raw foods, yoga and detoxification techniques. She acts as a stargate: that is, through her own high vibration and deep connection to source energy, she creates an invitation for you to step deeper into your own cellular awareness. She is a portal: a gateway into your own personal initiation into living as a light being.

Throughout the process, and even before you arrive, Kate will be holding space for you, through meditation and prayer, and working with her guides and angels to facilitate the highest potential unfolding of your unique individual organic timeline.

How To Use

Please email hello@rawliving.co.uk with enquiries to book a free initial 15 minute consult with Kate to see if what we are offering is a fit for you.

• Currently taking bookings for November 14th-December 2nd 2022
• For 2023 dates please enquire, if we can accommodate your schedule we will. Currently we have availability for Feb, March, April, November and December.

• £1500 plus tax for 4 nights
• Additional days as required at £300 plus tax per night
• Two friends (sharing one room) 20% discount each
 • Initial non-refundable deposit £250. Instalment plans available (there is a £10 admin fee if you choose this option).