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Almond Butter (Pure White) - Raw and Organic (1kg)


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This raw & organic Almond puree has been available to our continental friends for some time, lucky them. Well, the wait is over and we highly recommend this to you, it's incredible. Helps you make amazing dips, spreads & desserts.

Raw chefs, take note!

    • Rich in calcium - 100g provides 31% of the daily recommended amount.
    • A good source of Iron - 28% per 100g
    • Very high in magnesium - 66% of the daily recommendation
    • Super-rich in Vitamin E - 247% daily recommended
    • A source of B1 - 15% daily recommended
    • Rich in B2 - 33% daily recommended
    • A source of Niacin - 17% daily recommended


      Organic Almonds