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Activated Sunseeds with Spirulina - Organic (100g, 250g, 500g)


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Our Sunseeds are raw, dairy-free, sugar-free, and free from all additives and preservatives. We soak our sunflower and pumpkin seeds in pure filtered water, then marinade them in a blend of aromatic spices, balsamic vinegar, and mushroom extracts. Then they are gently dehydrated, a method of preservation which means that they are transformed from moist to crunchy with no toasting, roasting or frying.

The organic seeds used in this product are grown in the EU.


Activated Organic Sunflower Seeds, Activated Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Spirulina Powder (5.7%), Organic Cayenne, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Tamari, Organic Baobab Powder.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy 478.96 Kcal 2006.33 kj
Fat 36.09 g
- of which saturates 2.29 g
Carbohydrate 20.59 g
- of which sugars 2.12 g
Dietary Fiber 7.47 g
Protein 25.04 g
Salt 12.09 mg

How To Use

Try them as a convenient (and very moreish!) snack, or sprinkle a handful over your favourite salad for an extra tasty crunch.