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Actually Magic Oracle Cards


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There is a part of each of us that is derived from source energy, tapped into infinite consciousness. Often it is less than simple to access that part of ourselves, buried under layers and layers of societal conditioning and ancestral trauma, hidden by the distractions of the external world.

This set of 44 cards is created to serve as an ascension tool, a way to tune into that higher awareness, and in doing so shift our consciousness into a new paradigm. 

Words and images by Kate Magic. Printed May 2022. Limited edition of 22, will not be reprinted.

Each set comes in a beautiful hand-made Balinese batik pouch.

We'd love to offer more but due to limited run we can only offer 2 decks maximum per customer.


Click here to play an introduction to the book by Kate, taken from the Online Retreat and recorded on Jan 7th 2022. 

Kate discusses:

  • Why she wrote the book in 2021
  • The politics of health
  • Basic metaphysics being, we don’t focus on what we don’t want
  • Looking at things in a multi-dimensional way
  • Three basic laws of metaphysics
  • Understanding life from the quantum perspective
  • We are free will beings in a free will universe

How To Use

These cards are a portal. Just by holding them in your hands, you will experience a frequency shift. Are you ready for that? If not, no problem, put them down now before it gets to you any further! However, if you are ready to remember more of who you truly are, these cards are embedded with light codes that will create downloads, activations and upgrades in all those who use them.