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          Raw Magic Academy on Vimeo

We've just launched our Vimeo platform as the new home for all the Raw Magic Academy videos.

There's dozens of clips with snippets of info and advice on everything from doing raw foods in winter, to how to feed kids on a raw diet.

If you want to dive deeper, some of the key topics are available as videos to rent or buy.And if you want to jump all the way in, there's an option to purchase all the videos in one fell swoop at a bargain price of 10% off.

Kate has been a raw vegan for over 30 years, raised three children on the diet, and has taught in over 25 countries. There are few people in the world more qualified to share on how to sustain a raw food diet healthily and successfully.

Please go and visit us there next time you are looking for raw food inspiration. 

  • The Legendary Quantum Cake (bestseller!) including a bonus vid on Ormus
  • Raw Foods in Winter, including a bonus recipe for kelp noodles and a green soup
  • Raw Magic – an intro to raw foods, my most popular talk
  • Raw Chocolate Magic – 2-part video including recipes
  • Raising Raw Kids, including a bonus recipe for raw pasta sauce
  • Superfoods
  • Easy Detox Techniques, including a detox protocol
  • Hydration including milk, juice and smoothie recipes
  • Recipe video: Raw Savouries including salads, sushi, chia, mayo, relish
  • Dehydrators & dehydrator recipes including burgers, breads, crackers and kale chips

Click here to visit our Vimeo channel.

Please note, if you previously purchased videos on the Academy, they are still available to view on there. If you have any problems using that site please email us hello@rawliving.co.uk.