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          Natural Deodorants That Actually Work!

Gone are the days of having to choose between being sweet-smelling, or using unwanted chemicals in one of the most sensitive spots in the body, the armpit. Which we are sure is welcome news on holiday, in the gym and at the club!

The lymphatic system is composed of vessels, nodes and fluid, and is an integral part of the body's immune system. There are lymph nodes sited under the armpits, so when we put chemicals there, they not only inhibit the body's natural detoxification process, they more readily enter into the bloodstream.

While we are not permitted to make any medical claims, we can say that healthy lymph nodes are essential to preventing the spread of cancer cells, and the aluminium commonly found in anti-perspirants is linked to Alzheimer's disease.

There are now 24 different natural deodorants on our site, many with multiple 5-star reviews to assure you of their efficacy.

Taking the top spot are Living Libations, whose Poetic Pits products are a cult favourite. Designed to augment your natural body scent, rather than mask it, they alchemically transform you into a fragrant bouquet. Cami says of the rose scent, "My all time favorite deodorant. Works better than any other I have ever tried. Small but lasts an eternity."

Equally popular is Simply Divine Botanicals, who use angstrom silver and zinc, as well as 24k gold, to formulate a strong but safe underarm spray. Best-selling is Keeping Abreast Of It: Nina says, "I have been using this for years now and will never use any other one, it’s simply the best."

We also have a couple of deodorants from Pur O3, who use ozonated jojoba oil to create a safe anti-bacterial roll-on. Vivien says, "Could this be it? The first natural deodorant that works? I tried so many natural deodorants over the years and at first most of them seems to work but then you get used to them and you realise they don't last the whole day, constant reapplication is required, they let your odour come through, etc. etc. But this seems like it's working. Works much better than most Sodium bicarbonate based deodorants. Plus, it's a roll-on, so no messy hand applications! Highly recommended!"

Nature's Greatest Secret produce two colloidal silver roll-ons, and new in from The Clay Cure are two sodium bicarbonate and coconut balms (pictured above).

And remember, the best way to be naturally sweet-smelling is to eat a diet high in organic raw plant foods, and cut out all the common toxins!