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          Hydration Is Key

Did you know that plain water is not the most efficient way to hydrate? Water acts as a flushing mechanism in the body and so goes straight through you. Drinks that contain information in the form of healthy fats and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals are absorbed deeper into the cells, thus hydrating the body more thoroughly.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Green powders and coconut water make the perfect pairing. Try a spoon of chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass or barleygrass in a nice tall glass of chilled coconut water for a refreshing and cleansing drink.
  • MSM is a wonderful way to jazz up your water. If you don't enjoy the taste, just add a teaspoon with a splash of lemon and receive all those extra benefits from this important mineral supplement.
  • Make a big pot of instant reishi tea with 1tsp reishi powderin a litre of water from the kettle, and your favourite sweetener. Leave it to cool, and then bottle it in 250ml bottles and have it in the fridge ready for when you need a drink.
  • Try Kate's Magic Lemonade recipe for the ultimate alkalising thirst-quencher.
  • Green juice is a must! For the easiest green juice method, click here.
  • Our favourite way to make plant-milk is with shelled hemp seeds.Try 2 tbsp of shelled hemp in a litre of water or coconut water. Add lecithin or tocotrienols for extra creaminess, and your sweetener of choice.
  • We also love the fermented drinks kombucha, jun and kefir. Making your own is the best way to get a healthy dose of probiotics daily. Here's our favourite tea for kombucha making. If you are looking for a scoby, email us, we might be able to help you out with one of our babies!
  • Lastly, nothing beats a cup of herbal tea, right? Forget chamomile and mint, we have some incredible medicinal teas drawing from the herbal traditions of Asia, South America and Europe in our comprehensive collection.

With all these exciting options to choose from, staying hydrated is easy, in fact, you will be wondering how to fit all these delicious drinks into your day! And of course, it goes without saying, eating a raw plant-based diet full of fruits and veggies is going to help enormously towards maintaining those crucial hydration levels.