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          Nothing Beats A Cuppa!

Being British, we're firm believers that nothing beats a cuppa!

We have an amazing selection of medicinal teas on the site, so you will never get bored - it would take you years to work your way through them all. 

What is medicinal tea?

When we think of herbal teas, we think of an insipid cup of chamomile or peppermint, or some over-flavoured "fruit tea." In these kind of tea bags, very little of the healing benefits of the herbs remain. In contrast, when we take high quality organic herbs, carefully prepared in compostable tea bags, or better yet, presented loose, then the incredible properties of the plants can be readily utilised by our bodies.


Companies such as ourselves, Dragon Herbs, Anima Mundi Herbals and Lab Tonica, have carefully researched the most healing herbs from around the world, and curated unique and compelling formulas to meet the needs of our modern-day lives.


Plus, don't forget that when you use hand-picked organic herbs for your brew, a little goes a long way. With loose leaf teas, you can usually get two brews out of a handful of herbs, sometimes even three. So not only are you helping the planet with less packaging, you are being kind to your budget as well.

How To Use

A cafetiere or coffee-press is a good option for home brewing loose herbs. If you use a teapot, it needs some kind of filter so that you don't get goji berries stuck in the spout!

We recommend heating your water to 80 deg. It's easy to find temperature control kettles, that have settings other than just the standard 100 deg. Or if you don't have one, get in the habit of flicking the kettle off before it boils. 80 deg is warm enough to activate the herbs, but not too hot that it destroys the benefits.

Most dried herbs will be good for two or three brews. If you have excess tea, allow it to cool and bottle it for a refreshing drink, or add it to smoothies and mylk recipes to increase the nutrition.

Here's a brief list of a few of our favourites:

Calming: Shaman Shack Gynostemma, Lab Tonica Breathe

For flavour: Spring Dragon Longevity Tea from Dragon Herbs, Raw Living Eterniteea

Night-time: Dream and Blue Lotus from Anima Mundi Herbals

Energising:Pow Tea from Lab Tonica, Four Sigmatic Matcha with Lion's Mane, Golden Sun Milk from Anima Mundi Herbals

Immunity: Raw Living Immuniteea, Anima Mundi Herbals Pau d'Arco

For women: Raw Living PMTeea, Dragon Herbs Schizandra eeTee

For kombucha making:Dragon Herbs Oolong tea, Clearspring Kukicha

Shop the full range in our herbal teas section.