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          You Are My Magic! Dragon Herbs

We had to share this song by Ron Teeguarden, founder of Dragon Herbs!

Here's what he had to say about it:

"I have a particular urge this year to offer my heartfelt thanks directly to my clients and customers, who have supported my efforts spanning decades to spread the timeless wisdom and benevolence of tonic herbs to everyone. We at Dragon Herbs feel that we have played our unique part in spreading the word to millions of people, and that these people have benefited in countless ways. That is very gratifying for sure. I’m so grateful to you! My life has been rich in all ways, and for that I thank you more. Rich spiritually, rich in the joy of adventure, learning, creating, sharing, connecting, and I have been blessed with just the right amount of success in the physical plane.

For no good reason, I feel compelled to send you a song I wrote many years ago, but I feel it relates today to how I feel about all of you as well. I have so many dear friends, and so many people that I love and who in turn have blessed me by joining me on this remarkable ride. My life has been a wild and amazing adventure, and surely I’ve had my troughs and peaks. This song is about that ride. And it expresses my feelings toward you. You are my magic!"

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