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          January Immunity

The change of seasons is always an opportunity for a reset. Equinoxes and solstices act as potent gateways to release what no longer serves us and step into the fresh new energy of the present moment.

When we work with the solar and lunar cycles, we can use these portal times as appropriate occasions to do a cleanse, go on a retreat, clear out the house, take a vacation, anything that feels useful to us to mark the passing of time and release any stagnant energies lingering.

However, in our all too busy lives, we often neglect to do the work - and then our bodies have to take over and do it for us!

The winter solstice of Dec 21st is one of the most powerful points of the year, and the time when we need the most deep rest. Yet many of us are frantically busy: shopping, cooking, travelling to see relatives, attending gatherings.

No wonder that January is known as the peak time of year for ill health. The body needs to clear out, and if you haven't been paying attention thus far, it will make sure you do!

Our top recommendation for January immunity is to follow a cleansing protocol in the preceding September and December; something to keep in mind for this year, perhaps?

But if you're feeling the worse for wear this month, check out our Immunity section here for some of our top recommendations for supporting your body in getting you through the seasonal release.

Kate is a qualified functional nutrionist who has helped hundreds of clients. To book a consult, click here.