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          Bali VIP Activation Retreat 2023

We are currently taking bookings for 121 retreats in Bali for Nov 23-Feb 24. This is a personalised experience, tailored to your unique needs.

What is an activation? It means a remembrance of who you are on a deep soul level . A reconnection with the purity of your souls essence . A refocus towards your precious souls mission here on earth at this incredible time.

We do the activation through a combination of modalities : discussion , yoga, reiki, raw foods, being in the portal space of Ubud, and Kate's energy as being a frequency to align to. It’s a potent combination !

If this sounds exciting to you, we invite you to book a 121 activation for winter 2023/2024.

Here is the testimonial of our first activation guest, Lisa Chan.

My heart is filled with overwhelming joy, love and deep gratitude for the 1-2-1 Bali activation experience with Kate. As soon as I felt the call to sign up, I knew it was the right decision and one of the best investments I could ever make for my soul. It was a big almighty yes and I am so glad I listened to the deep call to go to Bali.

The experience from being at the magic villa and working with Kate was truly magical and will stay with me forever. It takes courage to say yes and do the inner work. I was able to do this in a safe space and container which Kate created for my stay with her, where my nervous system was finally able to rest and relax and I was able to exhale.

I could feel the love as soon as I arrived at the magic villa and surrounding land. The energy was so powerful and transformative, I felt activated as soon as I arrived, before even starting my retreat. I felt very welcomed and was so touched at the beautiful room Kate had prepared for me with beautiful fresh flowers, charged crystals and Balinese furnishings made with care and love.

The beauty of the VIP experience is you get to tailor it to what you want. It gives you an opportunity to set your desires, intentions and really personalise your experience. I loved the combination of yoga, reiki, meditation, coaching and raw foods. Plus part of the activation can be done in the wonderful backdrop of Bali if you desire. Absolute paradise! What is also so beautiful and unique about the whole VIP experience is you get to work with the energy and flow of the day and can change your itinerary if needed to support your needs.

As someone who is not even vegetarian, let alone raw, I was absolutely converted to raw vegan foods thanks to Kate. Kate made delicious nutritious raw vegan foods and drinks every day which were deeply nourishing and exactly what I needed to help me on my healing journey. The food  was really out of this world and transformative in itself. I felt hydrated at a deep cellular level.

One of the many reasons I love working with Kate is her ability to hold space and really listen not to just your words but what's in your heart. Kate provides a space of love, compassion and non-judgement that makes you feel so safe, held and supported to be able to do the deep inner work to release trauma, old beliefs, patterns and old timelines. Kate provides encouragement, healing and guidance for you to step confidently into your new timeline, to feel empowered and come back to the remembrance of who you really are. I highly recommend the VIP retreat if you desire a change or upgrade in your life.

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We are also taking bookings for the Magic Villa for March-Nov 2023. It is a beautiful space, with all the little thoughtful touches that you might look for and not always find when travelling: a raw food kitchen equipped with high-power blender, dehydrator, milk bag, and spiraliser; a space to do yoga, incense and incense holders; eco soaps and cleaning materials; even a hook to hang your enema bag from! Ubud itself is a raw vegan mecca, with an abundance of fresh tropical fruits, juice bars, kombucha brands, raw chocolate, and gourmet restaurants. If this sounds like paradise to you, get in touch, we can help with all aspects of arranging your booking, including airport transfers.

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