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Peruvian Maras Salt - Coarse Grain (100g, 250g)


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Extracted from Maras Salt Mines located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco, Peru, at approx. 4,000 meters above sea level.

100% Natural Mountain Spring Salt, with high mineral content. Maras Salt Mines are formed by 4,200 pools, each pool of a few square meters where the saltwater that emanates from a stream, flows from the middle of the mountain, and by the effect of the sun, crystallizes creating a wonder of nature, the Maras or Andean Pink Salt.

Maras Salt Mines are considered as true salt mines. For hundreds of years, in this place, a 100% natural salt is produced. The work and care that communities carry out in maintaining artisanal production has been fundamental.

There is 38.2g of sodium per 100g of Maras Salt.

Available in 100g coarse grinder or 250g paper refill pouch.


100% pure Maras coarse ground salt

Further Information

SALT WITH MYSTHICAL HISTORY - Great treasures dwell in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco, Perú. Quietly hidden between the imposing mountains of the Andes, is one of the most amazing places you will see in your life : The Salt Mines of Maras

HEALTHY PRODUCT - Maras Salt is an all-natural salt with a high mineral content. Extracting the salt is a thorough process done by hand. Naturally sourced from an evaporated salty river approximately 4,000 meters above sea level.

SECRET OF PERUVIAN CUISINE - Recommended by the most important chefs for use in the Gourmet Kitchen. Peruvian Pink Salt allows you to create a delicious balance of flavor.

MARAS NON PROFIT - Each purchase of this salt will go towards providing developing opportunities to the Maras community and to support different social projects with deaf mute children in the city of Cusco.

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Click here to play the podcast interview with Francesco Canchari, founder of Maras Gourmet Salt. He tells us about the Maras salt mines of the Sacred Valley region of Peru, and why this salt is so special.

How To Use

Ideal for gourmet food preparation. Kosher Salt / ISO 22000 Certified.