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          Sal de Maras - Peruvian Maras Salt

We know we have many customers who are big salt fans! We already stock Sel De Guerande, a grey Celtic Salt from the World Heritage Site of Guerande in Western France, and Saltverk and Islensk Hollusta, geothermal sea salts from Iceland.

Kate recently visited the Maras salt flats of the Sacred Valley in Peru, and we are delighted to add Maras salt to our range of high quality premium mineral salts.

The Maras salt flats are some kind of miracle of nature, existing 3,200 km above sea level. They have been farmed for over 500 years, each pond being passed down from generation to generation. Traditional artisanal methods of panning salt are used.

Maras salt is a beautiful salt, favoured by many gourmet chefs and restaurants. Not as dominating in flavour as Himalayan salt, not as soft and gentle as Icelandic salt, try adding a sprinkle of the magic of the Sacred Valley to your next meal!

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