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Recipe by Kate Magic

Equipment needed: blender

Oats provide a calm and balanced source of carbohydrate fuel. They make a great breakfast food as they are moderate on the glycemic scale, so you can keep going until lunchtime without a mid-morning slump. Oats are naturally gluten-free; and as a staple northern European food for thousands of years, they tend to be easy on the digestion. Virtually all oats sold commercially are heat-treated in order to stabilise them, as oats go rancid easily. If you’re wanting raw oats, they are really hard to find, but guess what! Yes, we’ve tracked them down for you.

Presoak the oats for 20 mins in pure water, or overnight. Drain them and then either add them to the blender with all the other ingredients and whizz to a smooth creamy porridge, or just put them in a bowl and stir them together for a porridge with more texture.

You can add 1tbsp cacao powder to make chocolate porridge. Maca goes really well in porridge, as do goji berries.

Total Time: 20 mins soaking, 5 mins preparation
Serves two