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          Where To Start

When you're new to this world, the options can seem overwhelming. How do you tell your Mucuna from your Lucuma? How to choose between 12 different types of Reishi? How do you even say Astragalus?

We've put together a handy "Where To Start" section for you. Or if you already know your Shilajit from your Shiitake, it's a great place to send friends and family when they are starting out.

It's one page of products that are all under £10 each, or you could buy the whole lot for under £170, and use it as a starter for your raw kitchen. All you need is some nice seasonal veggies from the farmers market and some fresh fruits, and you'll be eating the high vibe way in no time.

For example, for breakfast, you could make your own superfood granola with buckwheaties, gojis, hemp oil, tahini, honey and maca. Or perhaps a chia porridge with lucuma and gojis. Lunch could be a nori wrap with some tahini, fresh veggies, and sauerkraut. Or you might make a dip with the sunflower seeds, and have it with crudites and sauerkraut. Kimchi and kelp noodles with some home-grown sprouts makes a great dinner, or just have a big salad with a hemp oil dressing and a Super Salad Sprinkle topping. You can make lovely chocolate energy ball snacks with tahini, honey and Tonic Power, or maybe  just fill-up on a handful of activated nuts. And don't forget to keep sipping on your Eterniteea throughout the day to stay hydrated,

The possibilities are endless, but we believe with the help of the recipes in Kate's book Raw Transitions, you've got all the tools you need to eat a high-vibe, high-raw diet easily and economically.

Check out our Where To Start section here.