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          Visit To Islensk Hollusta

On a recent visit to Reykjavik, we were delighted to visit the Islensk Hollusta factory, and learn more about how they produce their amazing Icelandic teas, seaweeds and salts. They even took us to a part of the coast where they forage their dulse and sea truffle from.

Here is the Arctic Thyme being dried. Arctic Thyme grows wild all over Iceland, and is distinguishable by its pretty purple flowers. It is a medicinal plant that has been consumed by Icelanders for thousands of years. You can make a tea from it or add a little to your savoury dishes.

Here is the Seaweed Salt being mixed. They take Icelandic geothermal sea salt and mix it with ground kelp and dulse.

Here we are picking dulse. It was cold and extremely windy!


Dulse is one of my favourite foods, and it was wonderful to see where the dulse that I eat actually grows, and to learn more about the harvesting and production methods. Next time you enjoy some Icelandic seaweed or herbs, give a thought to the hardy souls who go out in extreme conditions to gather it for you!


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