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          Spotlight On Schizandra

Schizandra is one of the most important herbs in Chinese Tonic Herbalism. It is said to be the herb that "does it all": it works on every organ and meridian in the body.

The Chinese name is "Wu Wei Zi," or "five flavour fruit"; it is bitter, sweet, salty, sour and spicy all at once, so benefits each one of the Chinese Five Elements. It is a small red berry that looks like a redcurrant, and when dried looks more like a peppercorn.

It is one of the premier Chinese beauty herbs, along with Pearl and Goji, and notably for our current times, it is high in shikimates which help the body neutralise spike proteins.It regulates the nervous system, supports the liver in detoxification, and as a mind tonic, it helps with concentration, alertness and memory.

As you might expect, there are many ways to enjoy Schizandra. We love it in tea form: you can use the berries as they are, enjoy them in our Eterniteea blend, or appreciate the convenience of Dragon Herbs eeTee (great when travelling!). Spring Dragon tea is one of our most popular products, which delivers schizandra in teabag form.

If you prefer powders, our own Raw Living schizandra is great value for money at £8.99 for 100g. You can also find it in many blends such as Shaman Shack Three Jewels or RDT Connoisseurs' Allure.

If tinctures are your thing, then as well as Dragon Herbs tinctures, Anima Mundi Herbals do a stunning Schizandra Rose elixir. Living Libations offer a Schizandra essential oil, or you can just opt for straightforward capsules from Dragon Herbs or Jing Herbs.

Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, we highly recommend including schizandra in your home apothecary. With its unique flavour profile, it combines particularly well with cinnamon, goji, strawberry or rose. It can be added to smoothies, milks, chocolates, and lattes for an increased depth of flavour that adds an interesting twist to your culinary creations.

We honestly have too many Shizandra products to mention in one article! You can check more of them out here.