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          Eternal Jing by Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Jing is our life-force, accumulated from our ancestors; this “epigenetic” inheritance is called Pre-natal Jing. How we were nourished during our formative years is called Post-natal Jing. Our Jing can be traced back four generations; the diets and lifestyles of our great-grandparents are imbedded in our bloodline, our genome.

Jing is our treasure. How much will we accomplish during our lives? How adventurous will we be? How resilient are we against life’s stresses and destructive elements? How creative are we? How effectively do we avoid sickness and recover from bodily damage? How ready are we to take on challenges and new endeavors? This is the measure of our Jing.

When we feel vulnerable at our core, weak at our root, we are depleted of this all-important treasure. We will show signs of aging more quickly, and what’s worse, our children will inherit the same energy deficits.

Fortunately for us living in today’s stressful and toxic environment, we have discovered ancient Chinese herbs long documented to replenish Jing. I cannot stress how monumental this is; we can replenish our deep life reserves and reclaim super-empowerment, to help us accomplish our dreams and live our adventures! Historically, these tonic herbs have been sequestered to the elite of China, and were only recently revealed in the Western World. I feel blessed to have attained the knowledge of Jing herbs, and to have created these stellar combinations, based on thousands of years' use. The Jing herbs are safe for everyone, and as I mentioned, there is no more important time than now to learn about them and incorporate them into your dietary regimen.

Some of the premier Jing herbs are: He Shou Wu, Astragalus, Cistanche, Rehmannia, Reishi, Eucommia and Schizandra.

This is an edited extract from an article by Rehmannia Dean Thomas. You can find his Eternal Jing product here.