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          Fushi Factory Visit

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Fushi at their home in West London, to learn more about how they make their wonderful oils and herbal products.

Fushi is founded by Rannesh Jansari and Ria Pattni, based on Ayurvedic recipes handed down by their grandparents. They source herbs direct from farmers and growers in India and beyond, and import them to their factory, where they grind up the fresh herbs and encaspulate them the same day to preserve freshness.

Some of the herbs also go into barrels to be infused in oil that then make some of their award-winning formulations such as Really Good Hair Oil, or my personal favourite, the Muscle and Joints Oil.

I saw the Shatavari being encapsulated, and learnt more about the different products that they create, and the amount of effort that goes into producing everything with the utmost care and integrity.

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