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WrawP Pizza Bases - Spirulina (90g)


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New! Raw, Gluten Free Pizza Crust is perfect healthy solution made of only raw, organic veggies, fruits, and seeds. 2 pizza crust per bag. 8" in diameter.

WrawP has done it again! Using the same dehydration process and organic ingredients, Wrawp has created a delicious, thick, flavourful, healthy alternative to pizza crust that everyone from a paelo-embracing athlete to a vegan baker can enjoy. Give our gluten-free pizza crust try! You won't regret it.

Raw, vegan, gluten free, wheat free.

Check out a recipe here

Kate says, "These pizza bases are so easy to do and a great thing for dinner for two. I pop them in the dehydrator for an hour and they are absolutely delicious and filling, you just need a little salad alongside. The easiest way to do raw pizza."


Organic carrot, organic zucchini, organic apple, organic sprouted buckwheat, organic flaxseeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic coconut, organic tumeric, black salt, organic spirulina

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper sheet (70g)
Energy200 Kcal 837 kj
of which saturates2g
- of which sugars6g
Dietary Fiber8g

Further Information

Now, you are probably asking yourself, “what is WrawP?”,WrawP is now the most perfect flatbread solution you can find on the market! How? Well our product is healthy and 100% organic for you in every way! We are 100% vegan, raw, paleo, organic, low in fat, all natural, a superfood, high in fiber and more! Our company motto is “Love Your Body” and we have made a product that follows through on that promise.  

You can enjoy WrawP without weighing down your body with grains and carbs and all of the other stuff that traditional bread does to your beloved body. Since we dehydrate our gluten-free flatbread, all of the nutrition, enzymes and every bit of flavor of the fruits, vegetables, and seasoning are still there to love and benefit your body. The one thing that makes us so different and unique is that our wraps has great flavors, you can actually taste what you are eating. Gluten free Wrawps are also TASTY and VERY PLIABLE.

WrawP is perfect for hiking, picnics, school and work lunches, airplane snack, eating on the go, or at home; Its tasty by itself as well as in wrap. You can do wrap’s, pizza, panini or sweet cake with it! Our products are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking! Our gluten-free tortillas are a great source of daily vegetables and fruits for your young ones. Even if your kids do not like veggies - they will like WrawP. Using only fresh vegetables and fruits, we’ve created a selection of great-tasting alternatives for bread (100% instead of wheat). It’s a great way of preparing healthy lunch for school in just 5 minutes. No refrigeration is required! Shelf life 4-6 months.

100% FACTS
100% Gluten-free
100% Paleo wraps
100% Raw wraps
100% Vegan wraps
100% No GMO
100% Low Carb
100% Diabetic Friendly
We use only fresh 100% organic vegetables and fruits. Our wraps are a great way to replace carb filled flour or corn products. Great bread alternative. WraWp torlillas are great for travel, no refrigeration is needed. Our delicious healthy Wraps are ideal for Paleo Diet or Gluten-free Deit plan. Made with love IN THE USA.


More and more people are thinking about their health. So popular in years gone by, fast food takes a back seat. Healthy food becomes much more popular. Nature is not fooled and the consequences of the use of these unnatural products have an effect. One of these consequences - intolerance to gluten.

Intolerance is a growing epidemic throughout the world.

Popularity of Gluten free tortillas is getting higher every day. These products are not for only people with intolerance, it is an absolutely healthy, useful and delicious food for everyone.


Our range includes gluten free tortillas for every taste: Savory, Sweet, Fruit Leather gluten free tortillas.



Click Here to listen to a short interview with Elena Semenova, founder of Wrawp.

How To Use


1. If kept below 70°F WrawP tends to get hard. To soften, keep WrawP  at room temperature (72°F or above) for at least 30 min. To speed up the process, you can put your WrawP on a hot pan for a couple of seconds.

2. If the WrawP feels a bit dry or difficult to roll, drizzle some water on top. WrawP will absorb the moisture and become soft. Do not use too much water as a little goes a long way!