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BetterYou - D1000 Vitamin D3 Daily Oral Spray (15ml)


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BetterYouTM D Lux 1000 oral vitamin D3 spray by Jan de Vries. It was reported to the Department of Health this year that "more than 50% of the adult population have insufficient levels of vitamin D". Research clearly shows that only a small proportion of our essential vitamin D requirement is satisfied by our diet and fewer and fewer of us are managing the recommended 2-3 hours of unprotected direct sunlight each week. By unprotected we mean not covered with clothes, no sun creams or moisturisers with UV protection, not under glass.... difficult isn't it!

*Note that the source of the D3 is Lanolin, from sheep wool. Suitable for vegetarians but not for strict vegans.

Developed under the expert guidance of healthcare pioneer Jan de Vries, D Lux 1000 is of particular importance to children, the elderly, during pregnancy and those with dark skin. Vitamin D aids calcium absorption and is fundamental for maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

D Lux 1000 is the market's first daily sub lingual vitamin D3 spray with a great natural sweet lemon taste so children will never complain when they have to take it!

The formula is micro emulsified for optimal uptake and utilisation and enters directly into the blood supply rather than being processed by the digestive system. Each measured spray delivers 1000iu, the optimal single dose recommended by the Food Standards Agency. It's suitable for vegetarians and strongly recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Xylitol, purified water, acacia gum (natural stabiliser), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3 - from Lanolin), sunflower lecithin (tricalcium phosphate, rice flour), citric acid, preservative: natural preservative: potassium sorbate, peppermint oil.

Further Information

Founded by Andrew Thomas in 2006, BetterYou was the first company in the world to develop a topically applied magnesium and nutritional oral spray and has been pioneering product development in this area ever since.

Our commitment to developmental science and absorption research has led us to partner with some of the finest research institutions in the world, including the universities of Cardiff, Ulster and Sheffield, St Mark’s Hospital in London and Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust.

With each new innovation, we continue to meet the growing needs of our customers’ nutritional requirements. Providing scientifically formulated products that use the highest quality ingredients and the most effective and convenient delivery methods possible.

As BetterYou continues to grow, our commitment and passion for developing exceptional natural health supplements remains unwavering, and a cornerstone of the BetterYou brand.

Intelligent Supplementation:

BetterYou specialises in the supplementation of those nutrients that have become underrepresented or simply omitted due to our modern diet and lifestyles.

Today we understand that traditional tablet and capsule supplementation relies upon a digestive process that has evolved exclusively for food intake, and absorption cannot be universally guaranteed. Add to this, the dramatic increase in digestive malabsorption issues such as IBS, Crohn’s and coeliac disease and an effective alternative delivery mechanism has become essential.

Each and every product is developed and formulated to overcome absorption challenges typically presented by traditional delivery methods.

BetterYou provides a range of nutritional supplements developed in conjunction with the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research Team at Cardiff University, led by Dr. Charles Heard.

BetterYou products maximise nutrient delivery and subsequent uptake in the body, for greater benefit.