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Reishi (Duanwood) Mushroom Dual Extract - Organic (50g, 250g, 1kg)


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Our organic Reishi is a dual extract, where the most active compounds are extracted using both hot water and alcohol.

    • Polysaccharide content minimum 30%
    • Beta glucan content minimum 15%
    • Triterpenes minimum 3%
    • Hot water & alcohol extracted
    • No added fillers, binders or other ingredients
    • Organically certified

      These mushroom extracts have long been prized by Asian cultures, and Reishi Mushroom is perhaps the most beloved of them all. Once extremely rare and precious, Reishi mushrooms were reserved for royalty and their inner circles. It is now cultivated with superb results which means that more people than ever people can experience consuming Reishi. Traditionally Reishi is considered to nourish all 3 treasures, Jing, Chi and Shen.

      Reishi is the most studied natural substance on earth and science continues to show up remarkable functions its active ingredients produce, although under EU law we are forbidden from sharing any of this wonderful research with you.

      Our Reishi mushrooms are extracted only from the fruiting bodies. They are grown organically on real linden logs which is the natural growing substrate for Reishi.


      Ganoderma lucidum.

      Further Information

      Want to learn more about reishi? Listen to the interview Kate did with expert Brandon Gilbert of Hyperion Herbs, where he goes into the history of this most amazing plant. For over 3,000 years Reishi has been the most sought after substance in nature by mountain sages and by the emperors and empresses of the east. The first Chinese herbal text (Shennong's Pharmacopeia) written about 2400 years ago said that "continuous consumption of Reishi turns you into one like the immortal who never dies," hence it was known as the mushroom of immortality.

      How To Use

      Mushroom extracts are powerful in action and strong in flavour. A daily recommended dose is just 1g, hence a 50g packet will provide around a 2 month supply