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QHHT Past Life Regression Session (London or Bali)


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Past life regression session in central London or Ubud, Bali.

Sessions typically last around 5-6hrs. Kate is qualified as a Level 2 QHHT practitioner.

What is QHHT?

QHHT is a therapeutic practice developed by Dolores Cannon over nearly 50 years of practice. It’s a method of hypnosis which takes people back into their past lives, and even into memories from before they were human. It’s a way of discovering more of your soul’s history.

We all carry baggage around from childhood, but also from past lives, and this is one of the major contributory factors to illness. When things have happened to us in the past that we haven’t processed and let go of, then these memories are stored in a cellular level, which then manifest in physical symptoms. By uncovering the root and cause of the trauma, the symptoms start to fade away. Pain is a way to get your attention, and when you have paid attention to the cause of the pain, the pain no longer has a purpose. If the root is stored in a past life, then by going into that past life and releasing any stored emotion around it, many people experience spontaneous remission of their symptoms.

Further Information

How Does It Work?

  • Sessions must be held in person, it is important that the practitioner is there with the client physically in order to safeguard the entry and exit into the hypnotic state.
  • Sessions are held at Kate's home in either central London, or Bali. They start at 1.0pm and take minimum 4.5hrs. The first part is a discussion of your life history and what is going on for you at this time. The hypnosis itself takes up to 2hrs. Then we spend a little while going over what came up for you in the session.
  • The sessions are recorded and we send you a link to download and save your file after the session. When people are under hypnosis they usually don’t remember everything they said. It is very helpful and healing to listen back to the session multiple times in order to gain personal insight.

Why Kate?

Kate has an intuitive ability to read past lives and starseed ancestry. In her Reiki treatments, a lot of this information comes to her naturally. In 2022, she received very clear and firm guidance to take up this work, and so did the QHHT course despite having no previous desire to be a past life regressionist. In 2023, she qualified as a Level 2 practitioner.

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone who has long-standing physical issues that they have been unable to find solutions for.
  • Anyone who is curious to learn more about their past lives.
  • Anyone who is wanting to uncover their deeper purpose in life.
  • Anyone who feels a cosmic connection to other star systems, and is curious to explore that connection.
  • Anyone who simply has a curiosity about the nature of the soul and its journey.

If you want to learn more about QHHT and Dolores Cannon, there’s a good introduction you can read here .

Past Clients Testimonials: 

"QHHT is a mind-blowing experience and a way to access deep inner wisdom. I left the session feeling intensely relaxed, calm and serene. In the hours and days that followed I was able to fully digest and process what had come up during the QHHT session - the answers I'd been given to my questions (prepared in advance) and the messages I had received thanks to the recording that Kate made for me. Truly magical in every way." Emma

"Kate is the perfect combination of highly sensitive and hugely professional. She was warm, clear, and communicative about the process before, during, and after our session. I would have no hesitation recommending both the method, which I had never experienced before, and Kate. I found it illuminating and really useful and certain things have become more clear as time has passed." Jo


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How To Use


  • Wear loose comfortable clothing, you will be lying down for most of the session.
  • Please bring a list of questions to ask your Higher Self. These can be anything you want to ask, but are usually related to your life’s purpose, and any long-standing life challenges e.g. health issues, relationship issues. 10 questions is a good number. Please have these written down so you can give them to Kate. 
  • Please don’t take any alcohol or drugs of any kind in the morning or the day before the session, as this will interfere with your ability to go into hypnosis. Try and have a quiet morning before you arrive, the more relaxed you are, the more that you will get out of the session.
  • We can provide water, but if you think you will need any snacks, please bring those, there will be an opportunity for refreshment before and after the hypnosis.
  • If you are coming from afar, you might want to consider booking accommodation in the area. It is not wise to have a long journey home after the session. The session usually takes 4-6hrs.
  • No-one else is allowed in the room apart from you and Kate. Everything discussed in the room is strictly confidential.
  • Sessions will take place at Kate’s home in central London, preferably on Saturdays or Sundays. Kate can travel to you, but travel expenses will be chargeable, and accommodation must be provided if necessary.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, we cannot issue any refund. We can reschedule your booking for 50% of the original payment price.
  • If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice, we can either reschedule your session (no fee) or refund your payment less a £25 admin fee. Only one free rescheduling permitted, and the rescheduling must happen within 48 hrs of cancelling. Further reschedulings will be charged at 50% of the original payment price.
  • Sessions must be used within 12 months of booking.