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Keto Wraps - ORIGINAL Coconut (4 sheets) - Organic


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These Original Coconut Pure Wraps from Improv'eat contain pure ingredients prepared with wisdom and conscientious creativity by their certified chef.

Busy lives require convenient solutions. We provide "grab-and-go" convenience without sacrificing life-enhancing ingredients, safe processing and earth-friendly packaging.

At Improv'eat our paradigm is nutrition per calorie instead of price per pound. Every delicious item is packed with nourishment because we use real food ingredients instead of food-like substitutes and chemicals.

  • The Bread or Tortilla Alternative
  • Gluten-free, Raw, Alkaline
  • Convenient for Work, School and Travel
  • Do Not Refrigerate or Freeze
  • Simple and Pure Ingredients


Coconut meat, Coconut water, Himalayan salt. Organically certified.

Further Information

Improv’eat avoids using many popular procedures and/or ingredients (which include major food allergens) that could subtract from the health of our customers

For nutritional and safety reasons, we do not use the following:

1. Artificial sweeteners or refined sugar including NutraSweet (Aspartame), Sweet N Low (Saccharin), Splenda (Sucralose) or High Fructose Corn Syrup among others
2. Trans-fatty acids (Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils)
3. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
4. Canola, Soybean, Cottonseed, Corn, Peanut or Synthetic Oils
5. MSG or MSG-like substances, preservatives, artificial colors or "natural flavors"
6. Wheat, rye, barley or other gluten containing derivatives
7. Unfermented soy or any pasteurized food
8. Microwaves or other detrimental heating procedures
9. Shellfish or scavenger fish of any kind
10. Pork