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Phi Personal Harmoniser (Gold Plated)


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From the Centre for Implosion Research, the Phi Personal Harmoniser is a flat spiral form made from copper tubing, filled with CIR imploded water. It is formed in such a way that the ratio between the widths of the large and small spirals equals Phi the ratio between the overall length of the Harmoniser and the length of the large spiral equals F; and the ratio between the lengths of the large and small spirals equals Phi. 

For restructing water, or for wearing as attractive jewellry.

Further Information

Phi is known to represent the proportionally beautiful. CIR have incorporated this relationship in their Harmoniser in order to make it aesthetically pleasing and harmonious in its very form and energy. The Phi Personal Harmoniser celebrates the magnificence of nature: creativity and primal duality; the relationship between the physical and the spiritual; and the need for balance.

They have produced several (all basic forms) of Personal Harmoniser prototypes that encompass phi and chose to manufacture this particular model as it follows the Phi ratio along both axes in a similar way to the Vitruvian Man. It is very beautiful to wear and we're confident that you will enjoy it too.


Want to learn more about these amazing devices? Listen to this interview with Dolly, founder of CIR

Here Kate chats to Dolly about how the technology works, what its benefits are, and how they are best utilised. Kate and Dolly also discuss water and the memory of water, and how that affects us in our lives. Whenever Kate teaches her courses, she does a blind test to see if people can taste the difference with fruits that have been energised with the harmoniser. The test has never failed, the difference is quite remarkable! Fruits and water that have been harmonised have a sweeter, juicier, fresher flavour.

Click HERE to play an audio interview with Dolly, founder of CIR